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5 Ideas for Your First Date in Lockdown and After in Bristol

The lockdown, quarantine, and the entire Coronavirus pandemic are a massive hit on humankind and all sectors of industry and even day-to-day life. Many areas have suffered because of it, but they shouldn’t have to. It’s time to improvise, adapt and overcome this situation and start dating again.

How to Build Intimacy on a Socially Distanced Date?

The easiest way to build intimacy when you’re socially distanced is to start before the date. You need to use an online dating site where you can chat and get to know each other.

It’s not like dates are crowding at your door right now. So the only valid way of meeting someone new and starting a relationship is to look for them online.

Of course, picking the right site is no simple task. If you’re looking for women in Bristol, you should look no further than location-based online dating services. Joining Quickflirt opportunities you can filter the location information and adjust the matches according to what you require.

The geo-based dating platforms are great solutions to avoid wasting time and move from online to offline faster. It means that you can get accurate results of women in Bristol and get in touch with matches in your area.

Lockdown Date Ideas

Just because the lockdown isn’t finished, it doesn’t mean you can’t date safely. Assuming you’ve used a dating site and found someone you’re interested in, you can date with no issues; but do it at home. Stay safe and test or vaccinate before you meet.

Watch a Great Movie

It’s the same classic date of going to the movies, but instead of going to the cinema, you watch TV or Netflix from the comfort of your home. And you have a lot more control over the movie you can watch. Go for something romantic, plan a fun marathon: the power is yours.

Have a Romantic Date at Home

Nowadays, everything you can do outside, you can do inside. Love candles and perfumes and a dimly lit space where you can talk all night with a nice soothing playlist in the background while eating something delicious? You can. Light some candles, set the mood, and order in whatever dish you prefer. Or cook it yourself if you obtain enough skill. Profit!

Look at the Stars

Go on your balcony, or to your backyard, or place yourself on your building’s terrace if you have access to it. Gaze at the stars, make wishes, and talk about the future. Even if you’re confined to a small space, you may still look beyond it. And watching the stars is a romantic, straightforward, cheap, and great date.

Play Games at Home

You can still have fun if it’s just the two of you. You can play all sorts of games, from Scrabble and other board games that allow you to get to know one another to PC games and even puzzles.

Cook Together at Home

Restaurants are great, and you can eat amazing food with no effort, but cooking is so much more intimate and exciting. You will bond a lot more, and you can also appreciate that you made something together. You may have a romantic date night as well, with delicious home-cooked meals.

A Few Ideas After Lockdown

We all can’t wait for the lockdown to end and appreciate what we took for granted earlier. There are plenty of dating activities you can try once the restrictions are lifted.

You can go on a picnic, a walk or a hike in nature. You can take a trip someplace nice, close or far, local or international; the choice is yours. You can go to restaurants and bars, the movies or plays. You can try to win at an Escape Room or Laser Tag or test your skills at karaoke.

The possibilities are endless: you only need to talk to your date and decide what you both fancy doing.

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