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Upcycling Tips for Your Home

It’s hard to have your house full of everything brand new, but actually shabby is the new chic, you’d be surprised what you could find going for free online, at car boot sales or in the local tip!

We’ve put some top recycling and upcycling tips to help you add a bit of personality to your house, without costing you the earth!

Add a splash of paint
Have you got an old wooden dressing table but it’s still in working order? Freshen it up with a fresh lick of paint. But before you start painting, remember to give it a sand down with sand paper, as this will help the new colour last longer.

It’s your perfect opportunity to get creative! Experiment with stencils and using different textures and materials to add your personal touch to your newfound furniture. Fear not, if you don’t like it or it goes wrong, you can always paint over it and start all over again. You may even find yourself a new hobby!

If you’ve picked up some dining chairs at a car boot sale but aren't a fan of the fabric, then change it. Remove the cover and replace with a fresh material which is more to your taste. You could even make it a yearly thing - New year, new chairs!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
You’re not going to get it right first time, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect! Don’t be afraid to take risks, some will work, and some won’t be so successful!

Don’t forget to have fun
Upcycling is meant to be fun and stress-free so don’t worry if your finished product didn’t come out as expected, you’re not a professional carpenter, painter or upholster so it’s not going to look like it was bought from a shop! Upcycling is about expressing yourself, being creative and having fun – you’ll probably surprise yourself!

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