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Looking for work is the hardest job there is. To improve your prospects we've compiled some tactics to help you stay positive and get back into the work place.

1. Make Targeted Applications

First things first, ask yourself questions that will shape your job search, this will help to highlight and eradicate which positions you should and shouldn't be applying for. Although questions like "what am I good at?" and "what do I really enjoy doing?" may sound rather basic, they're fundamental when figuring out your core skills. Remember, sloppy applications aren’t worth bothering with, so only do as many as you can do well.

2. Don't Give Up

Like most things, the more interviews you do, the better you will become. If don’t get the job you want, don’t be too upset - each interview will give you valuable experience that will help you do better next time.

3. Be Flexible and Realistic

It's easy to become fixated on getting one particular role. Having an open mind will lead to lots more opportunities and reduce any disappointment that you may face. It's also important to be realistic, if you're applying for your dream job but don't have the relevant qualifications - you may be setting yourself up for a fall.

4. Maybe Your Followers Can Help?

Social media sites such as Linkedin and Twitter make it incredibly easy to stay in touch with people that you've met as well form relationships with those that you haven’t. A relevant social media following can be a massive benefit when searching for a new job - as long as people know what you have to offer, chances are you could be snapped up fairly quickly. 

5. Be Direct

Job seekers are having to become savvier and more resourceful than ever before. Why waste time liaising with recruitment firms and HR departments when you could just go straight to the source? Thanks to the World Wide Web you can now find contact information for anyone that you require; including hiring managers, recruiters and people who work at the companies where you want to work - so be smart and take advantage of your online resources. 

6. Customise Your CV

One size certainly doesn't fit all! Ensure that you customise your CV for each new potential position that you apply for - make sure that descriptions are concise and detailed and that you address specific skills and experience required for the position.

7. Google Yourself

By carrying out a simple search, you'll be able to see if anything embarrassing or potentially damaging pops up. It's highly likely that an employer will google candidates, so if you're on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter, be sure to set your security settings to "private" so that your profile isn't accessible for viewing by anyone you're not connected with. 

8. Ensure You're Covered

"Please find enclosed my CV" won't get you very far. A good cover letter will make a statement about yourself and your suitability for the role. It should give the personal touch that your CV lacks. Don't waffle or repeat what has already been said in your CV, make the reason you're writing clear and sell yourself. 

9. Update Your Linkedin

The reason that people look at your Linkedin profile is to find out as much as they can about you. When a potential employer looks at your profile, they’ll be forming an opinion based on your tag line, summary box, and specialities - so make the most of these areas and really sell yourself. ]

10. Be Mobile

Be pro-active and hunt for jobs on the go. Smart phones allow you to search job listings during your commute to work or on your lunch break. To ensure that you're not missing out on opportunities, save a copy of your CV to your phone, this will allow you to quickly and easily send it to potential employers without having to log onto a PC. 

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