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Some of Our Favourite Quirky Cleaning Tips

We love to be a little bit different here at TGtB so we've put together some of our favourite tried and tested alternate cleaning methods. They may sound slightly barmy, but they really do work!

1. Water Marks

Remove water marks from wooden surfaces with a small amount of mayonnaise or toothpaste on a damp cloth.

2. Chrome

To make your chrome sparkle and shine, pour flour over, rinse and buff with a soft cloth.

3. Lime Scale

To remove lime scale from a shower head, leave in a bowl of white vinegar overnight.

4. Sticker Marks

Use WD-40 to remove sticker marks from plastic tubs and items.

5. Rice

Use rice to clean inside vases, bottles or hard to reach areas by mixing rice with a water/vinegar solution, shaking vigorously and rinse out.

6. Rust

To remove rust from items put the kettle on (no, not for you) and make some strong black tea, wait for it to cool and place the item in the tea for an hour to overnight depending on the level of rust.

7. Wood

Want to perk up your wooden furniture? Wash wood with a white vinegar/water solution, leave over night, then polish and buff surfaces as normal the next day.

8. Fingerprints

Remove dirty or greasy fingerprints from painted walls or non-washable wallpaper by rubbing the area with a slice of white bread.

9. Animal Hair

To get animal hair off car seats or the sofa, run a rubber glove over the upholstery. Hair sticks to the glove and comes right off.

10. Oven Spills

To clean up spills in your oven, sprinkle the spills immediately with salt. When the oven has cooled, brush away the burnt-on food with a damp sponge.

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