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5 Step guide to make your car last longer

When purchasing a new car, there is always a challenge for the driver to maintain its appearance as well as performance for as long as possible. Every part of the vehicle is exposed to wear and tear, and proper care and maintenance can help reduce these factors to a minimum, as well as prevent damage or the failure of individual systems. We've compiled a list of 5 tips to keep your car looking its best for years to come.

1. Bodywork care

The state of a car's bodywork not only increases its market value, but also greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of the car. In order for your car to retain its ideal appearance, it is important to follow a few rules and ensure that the car's bodywork is properly maintained:

- Wash the car regularly, paying special attention to the invisible parts such as the underbody and wheel arches. This is where dirt tends to accumulate and which can cause corrosion if it gets wet regularly.

- After washing, it is advisable to apply a special coating to protect against external influences and prevent rusting.

- To give your car a fresh look, car wrapping is often used. Specialists first carry out car scans and diagnostics and then apply a thin layer of coating to the car body, thereby protecting it from various mechanical damages and the negative effects of the environment. However, if you decide to have your car body repaired and or get your car wrapped, it is worth entrusting only to professionals at a car service center.

- Another essential detail concerning car body care is the use of high-quality corrosion protection materials that will provide good protection from external factors and help to stop rusting on the bodywork.

2. Interior maintenance

The main purpose of interior care is to keep the passenger compartment attractive and aesthetically pleasing. In order to achieve this, it is fundamental to use all of the interior elements correctly and for the intended purpose, and to regularly clean the upholstery and dashboard. Specialists recommend dry-cleaning, polishing and other car maintenance procedures to ensure that the upholstery remains in good condition and retains its original appearance. Consider outsourcing your car maintenance needs to a reutable car valeting service in Bristol.

3. Inspect the undercarriage

We tend to pay more attention to the bonnet of the car while the underbody is just as critical. Regular underbody maintenance is vital in order to prevent rust and other damage. Regular cleaning is worth paying attention to as well. It is advisable to wash the underside with a pressurized water jet in order to remove any dried-on dirt. An annual rustproofing inspection is also required. Prior to this, a steam cleaning should be carried out or, if this is not possible, a brush can be used, as this helps remove all contaminants.

4. Rims – the detail that makes all the difference

From a visual point of view, car rims are just a part of the car. However, this part can completely change the appearance of the vehicle, so you also need to take care of the cleanliness. Rims are often the dirtiest part due to the fact that they are an element of the wheel. If you wash your car regularly, a thick coat of active foam combined with a brush is sufficient. Acid cleaners are great suited for stubborn dirt

that is difficult to clean, as they help clean the so-called brake dust that results from the wear and tear on the brake pads and discs.

5. Keep the battery clean

Make sure the top of the battery is clean, dry and free from dirt. With a dirty battery, it can be discharged through the dirt on top of the battery causing a soft short-circuit that will eventually destroy it. Battery terminals also corrode over time, and cleaning them of plaque and dirt is a great way to extend the life of your car's battery.

This is the type of maintenance that allows you to keep your car's interior looking good and increase its future market value. There are many things you can carry out yourself, but remember that professionals are always there to help you. Make sure to take great care of your vehicle, then it will repay you with a good look and a long service life with a high-quality driving experience.

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