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10 DIY Hacks to Improve Your Home

Making your house a home and creating space, without spending the earth! Here are a few DIY hacks which we think could help improve your home.

Hinge a painting
Cover up those unsightly thermostat covers! By putting a couple of hinges on a painting you kill two birds with one stone – put up a pretty picture which also happens to make a great door-like thermostat cover.

A wine rack has many uses
Do you have a small bathroom and nowhere to put your towels? A wine rack can help! It can make a stylish yet space-saving towel holder without taking up your whole bathroom like a cupboard or chest of drawers would.

A CD tower in the bathroom
Turn a wooden CD tower on its side and drill it to your bathroom wall, what do you have? A bathroom organiser! Store your tooth brushes, soaps, flannels and any other bathroom necessities all in a compact space!

Paint in a jar
After painting a room, don’t just throw the rest of the paint away! Put some of the left over paint into a jar and keep it handy in case you’re in need of doing some quick touch ups.

Turn stairs into storage space
Are you stuck for space? Convert your stairs so that they double up to be drawers as well!

Handy ice cubes
Have you ever moved your furniture around and been left with indented carpets? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Place some ice cubes in the indents and watch them disappear!

Magnets and hammers
Sick and tired of losing nails whilst trying to build something? Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer and you’ll never lose a nail or have to hold nails in your mouth again!

Differentiate your keys
When you get to your front door and have a few keys that all look the same and spend ages trying to work out which key it is, annoying right? Paint your keys with nail polish to spot the difference between them. You could even get creative!

Hang your ironing board
No space to put your ironing board? Use two coat hangers on the back of a door to hang and store your ironing board out of the way.

Keep your phone safe whilst charging it
Is your phone charging station a disorganised mess or does your phone have to go on the floor? Turn a Johnson’s Baby product bottle into a phone holder which hangs from the charger. Simple, yet effective!

If you're looking to improve your home with some DIY, why not check out our list of DIY and Building Suppliers in Bristol?


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National Self Build & Renovation Centre

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