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How to go Plastic Free

Plastic free July is a global challenge where people around the world take part in giving up single use plastic during this month. The aim of this is to raise awareness of the amount of single use plastic that we actually use in our lives and urging people to do something about it.

We know going plastic free may seem like an impossible task, however when you manage to eventually tackle this, you'll realise how much better our environment will be. We've come up with a few tips in how you can go without plastic this July:

1. Bring your own bags

A huge confession many of us make is always forgetting our bags when doing the food shop! This then leads us to buying more and more plastic bags that we don't need!

So say goodbye to the plastic bags and say hello to resuable cloth or netted bags. Make sure you keep them in your cars or handbags so you're never without them, this is a brilliant solution to saving the planet from unnecessary plastic.

2. Plastic straws are a no go

We are all guilty of using plastic straws throughout our daily life, whether its when grabbing a quick drink on the go or having some sort of fast food, they are everywhere!

If you must use a straw, choose a paper alternative or bring along your own reusable, metal straw. This way you can re-use these every time you're in need of a straw and some of them can be in fact, more durable.

3. Bring your own 'takeaway' cups

Many places now offer us the chance to buy our own takeaway cups rather than using their plastic options.

Take advantage of these and ditch the plastic takeaway cups for something a little more personal and durable that yu can fit in your bag. If you are concerned about space, there are collapsible cups that are suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

4. Say no to take out containers

We are all guilty of a Saturday night takeaway now and again and even more guilty of forgetting about those plastic containers they use for the food and storing them in our cupboards!

Instead of piling up on these plastic containers, kindly ask the restaurant when ordering for a better alternative like either putting them in something more eco-friendly or if you can bring your own containers from home.

5. Cut off plastic cutlery

We know some of you may eat your lunch on the go with demading work commitments and buy plastic cutlery to eat with your lunches so you can throw them away after, however this needs to be cut off!

Try bringing some of your own metal cutlery from home or keep some in your cars or handbags, after you're finished with them you can wrap them in some tissue or in your lunchbox so there is no plastic being used or put in bins!

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