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Cricket World Cup 2019

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Three matches will be played at the Bristol County Ground:
Saturday 1st June 2019 – Afghanistan v Australia
Friday 7th June 2019 – Pakistan v Sri Lanka
Tuesday 11th June 2019 – Bangladesh v Sri Lanka

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
Below are the match listings and three of the matches will be played at the Bristol County Ground!


30th England v South Africa, The Oval (10:30 BST)

31st West Indies v Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)


1st New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30 BST)

1st Afghanistan v Australia, Bristol (d/n) (13:30 BST)

2nd South Africa v Bangladesh, The Oval (10:30 BST)

3rd England v Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)

4th Afghanistan v Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30 BST)

5th South Africa v India, Southampton (10:30 BST)

5th Bangladesh v New Zealand, The Oval (d/n) (13:30 BST)

6th Australia v West Indies, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)

7th Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30 BST)

8th England v Bangladesh, Cardiff (10:30 BST)

8th Afghanistan v New Zealand, Taunton (d/n) (13:30 BST)

9th India v Australia, The Oval (10:30 BST)

10th South Africa v West Indies, Southampton (10:30 BST)

11th Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30 BST)

12th Australia v Pakistan, Taunton (10:30 BST)

13th India v New Zealand, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)

14th England v West Indies, Southampton (10:30 BST)

15th Sri Lanka v Australia, The Oval (10:30 BST)

15th South Africa v Afghanistan, Cardiff (d/n) (13:30 BST)

16th India v Pakistan, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)

17th West Indies v Bangladesh, Taunton (10:30 BST)

18th England v Afghanistan, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)

19th New Zealand v South Africa, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)

20th Australia v Bangladesh, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)

21st England v Sri Lanka, Headingley (10:30 BST)

22nd India v Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30 BST)

22nd West Indies v New Zealand, Old Trafford (d/n) (13:30 BST)

23rd Pakistan v South Africa, Lord's (10:30 BST)

24th Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30 BST)

25th England v Australia, Lord's (10:30 BST)

26th New Zealand v Pakistan, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)

27th West Indies v India, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)

28th Sri Lanka v South Africa, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)

29th Pakistan v Afghanistan, Headingley (10:30 BST)

29th New Zealand v Australia, Lord's (d/n) (13:30 BST)

30th England v India, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)


1st Sri Lanka v West Indies, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)

2nd Bangladesh v India, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)

3rd England v New Zealand, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)

4th Afghanistan v West Indies, Headingley (10:30 BST)

5th Pakistan v Bangladesh, Lord's (10:30 BST)

6th Sri Lanka v India, Headingley (10:30 BST)

6th Australia v South Africa, Old Trafford (d/n) (13:30 BST)

9th *First semi-final: 1st v 4th, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)

11th *Second semi-final: 2nd v 3rd, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)

14th *Final, Lord's (10:30 BST)

*Semi-finals and final have a reserve day

NB Fixtures and start times are subject to change. TGtB is not responsible for any changes that may be made.

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