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4 Investing Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Beginner in Cryptocurrency

Investing and Trading are both arts that will require you to have a lot of experience, practice, and skill before you can master them. Being a beginner also doesn’t mean that you would have to make the same mistakes as those who are seasoned crypto investors and traders. Preparation, taking extra precautions, and a bit of research is only the tip of the iceberg.

Conducting research and improving your methods of investing daily can help you invest in the right cryptocurrency with Immediate Edge. However, there are several things that you should consider before you jump into action. In the world of cryptocurrency, you must understand how technology works so that you can provide a clear and profound plan.


Thus, if you want to improve your chances of boosting your crypto portfolio even though there are plenty of unavoidable risks and unpredictability. Here are four investing mistakes you should avoid as a beginner in cryptocurrency.


Overtrading is the most dangerous thing that beginners tend to jump to, and the reason for this is that it could lead to tax liabilities. Apart from this, you should also put into reality the number of good trading opportunities you can have in a day. Setting unrealistic goals such as grabbing more than 10 good trades in a day is extremely dangerous.

Apart from potentially destroying your crypto portfolio, overtrading also leads to poor decision making. The problem you’re most likely to face if you fail to avoid overtrading is destroying your crypto portfolio, which could lose you a lot of money.

Trading Too Many Different Cryptocurrencies

Diversifying your cryptocurrencies is an essential part of investing since it breaks your assets down into different ranges while decreasing the chances of permanently losing your portfolio. However, beginners and some investors usually try to trade their range of cryptocurrencies at once, which would eventually lead to a loss of focus.


Not knowing which cryptocurrency to focus on while utilising a particular trading strategy won’t help you become a better crypto trader. You also have to keep in mind that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have a price correlation which would leave your strategy all over the place, given the market’s high volatility.

Believing in Chances

Trading requires you to research various strategies and methodologies that you can apply when investing. Moreover, you have to be up to date with the latest trends, news, and updates rather than expecting an opportunity to come by while testing your luck to make it work. 


Skill is crucial in trading, and one of the most common investing mistakes that beginners fail to avoid is not putting in the determination to strive for better results. Beginners should never believe in chances because what looks like a stroke of luck to some investors is the product of skills and experience.


The only way to tell if you have enough skill and knowledge about crypto trading is to be able to explain what it is and how it works to someone with zero knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Not Having the Right Tool for the Job

Crypto trading platforms are responsible for allowing you to trade cryptocurrencies with the goal to make a profit. But, not having effective trading software could prove to achieve the desired outcome to be challenging. With that in mind, having the right tool for crypto trading could lead to limitless possibilities.


One feature that you have to consider when choosing a crypto trading platform to use is the automated algorithm. Automated algorithms utilise Artificial Intelligence that’ll identify profitable trading opportunities through analysing the changes in the digital market. 


If finding an effective crypto trading platform still proves to be a challenge, Immediate Edge may just be the advanced trading software for you. In connection to this, advanced trading software is also convenient to use due to its accessibility. Some trading software doesn’t require downloading, which means you’ll be able to trade even if you’re not at home.




Becoming a seasoned investor takes a lot of resilience, wherein it requires you to acquire a lot of knowledge through research and practice. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that you won’t be making mistakes at the start of your investment journey. 


If you want to become a better investor you have to avoid overtrading, over diversifying your crypto assets, not honing your skills, and overlooking the importance of a trading platform.

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