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6 Best Company Merchandise To Promote Your Business

Marketing and promotional efforts are now necessary for any business to prosper and expand. No matter how high quality and excellent your products and services are, you can't expect to boost sales and keep your head above water if people aren't aware of them.

As there are many marketing gimmicks you can apply today, one that always remains effective is the distribution of company merchandise and promotional goods.

These event giveaways hold the power to strengthen brand awareness, brand retention, expand reach, and increase leads and customer loyalty. Known for its ultimate benefit of being low-cost compared to other marketing ideas, this is one of the best promotional efforts you can do to advertise your brand and encourage everyone to patronize your business.

Start displacing these must-have promotional giveaways to your events and marketing activities to reap returns for your business.

Branded Drinkware 

Printed drinkware with slogans or logos can be effectively used as a marketing tool. It’s easier to remember a message on drinkware since they’ll be using these items daily. They're pretty practical and straightforward but very functional. A versatile option is choosing promotional drinking items, ranging from coffee mugs to travel mugs, flasks, and glasses. Choose materials that are durable and last longer to use. 

In addition to being a simple marketing tool, promotional drinkware has been shown to last in customers' minds. Serving a similar purpose with a business card, your customers and prospects can remember quite well what's written or embossed in these drinkware items. It’s common for people to drink from mugs, water bottles, and tumblers all the time. Hence, when your logo is displayed on these products, they'll be constantly reminded about what your business offers. 

Cost-effectiveness is one of the most significant advantages of drinkware promotional items. They can be integrated into any marketing campaign because they’re affordable and flexible. Plus, people would always appreciate receiving these must-haves because they know it'll be helpful in their everyday life. Design your logo now and find the perfect drinkware items to display them on.   


One of the most popular promotional merchandise this year is the mask. With the pandemic still currently ongoing, masks are now part of every day's outfit look. Businesses can take advantage of handing out custom face masks to advertise their brand and encourage everyone to keep safe. With a dual purpose, you're portraying a good image and creating brand awareness through your masks. In addition to being smart promotional products, these items are also helpful and needed by consumers.  

Brand visibility can be significantly enhanced by finding durable, high-quality, and trendy masks that anyone can wear. 

Promotional Pens 

Promotional pens are old but gold in the promotional item's category. They've been used way back in the past decades, and until now, they remain effective in increasing leads. However, since many other brands also use pens for promotions, it's best to find ones that offer more benefits. For instance, ensure that your pen is unique-looking, aesthetically beautiful, and high-quality. It should have a good quality pen point and ink, allowing users to use them for more extended periods than disposable ones. 

One of the most popular promotional pen options is a pen with a pullout banner that can hold more information. You can use these banners to display your contact information, add a calendar to it, and advertise more of what your business is proposing. You can also choose a pen that comes with different ink colors, so most of your clients would try to keep your pen instead of maintaining several different colored ones. 

Branded Caps 

Not taking your brand seriously is one of the marketing mistakes to avoid. It's crucial to get your brand out there, and fortunately, this can be easily done with promotional caps. Wearing your hats makes your employees, clients, and customers like walking advertisements. The key for these items to be practical is to incorporate unique and beautiful designs, so they'll be continuously worn. Your target audience must also be able to relate to them. You’ll probably catch the attention of your target audience if the caps are appealing to them. 

Branding with promotional caps can be affordable and effective. Your promotional caps can be embroidered or printed with your logo in a relatively short amount of time. They require a lesser amount of investment than other promotional efforts or merchandise items.   

Employees, customers, and clients all benefit from promotional products like caps. Customers become more loyal to brands because caps help build brand recognition. Remember to stand out from your competitors by creating a cap design that’s creative and outstanding. 

Sustainable Tote Bags 

Almost every store charges for single-use plastic bags now, so tote bags have become more valuable and popular. Furthermore, it's a great effort to promote sustainability in your company. Other people will salute you for your initiatives in promoting reusable bags. Almost everyone carries a tote bag with them daily, so this is a terrific way to get your brand in front of everyone on the local high street. The key is to use bright, bold colors in your promotional tote bag to make it stand out and a simple logo or company name that can be easily seen from a distance. 

USB Flash Drives 

Your company can gain more customers or clients by giving away promotional flash drives. You have given them your information on the USB drive, so the more they use these data storage devices, the more they'll be reminded about you. Companies continue to improve their cybersecurity, so, it's understandable how essential data storage and security are significant concerns. This makes the USB flash drives a safe way to backup and transfer critical business data. 

Personalized USB flash drives are an excellent choice for any company in the tech sector. Since their clients handle data and do technical tasks, they need to use flash drives relatively often. Your clients from IT companies will be constantly exposed to your brand as the USB drives carry your name and contact information. This will be pretty helpful for when your prospective client will need your services at one point or another. 


Giveaways are a great way to increase business and promote your brand. You can’t pass up on this opportunity as they hold more promising returns and benefits for your business. Get ready to utilize the different practical promotional merchandise items mentioned above and use them during your marketing campaigns and events. In no time, you'll find increasing leads and customers for your business.

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