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TGt Meets... Alison Wraight

We've been chatting with Alison Wraight, Director at C3 Marketing on all things Swindon and business...

What inspired you to set up your business here?
We chose Swindon as the location of C3 Marketing’s office and factory because, apart from being one of the fastest economic growth areas in Europe it is also well placed on the M4 corridor, so is very central to the South West of England.
Describe your business in 3 words…
Premium, reliable, honest.
What advice would you give anyone looking to do the same?
Location, location, location…
Look at the surrounding area to see how well kept it is and who your neighbours are.  Make sure there is room for growth.  Think of staff and client parking.  Does the location have easy access from major transport links?
What do you think attracts business people to Swindon?
The diverse sectors of business and affluent housing market encourage businesses to relocate, coupled with excellent transport routes.  Employment is on the increase and finding staff is less problematic than in other major towns and cities.
How do you like to spend your time off?
I am incredibly lucky to live in the country where we are surrounded by nature reserves and lakes, so I cycle off road and walk a lot and can sometimes be found off road motor biking!  I am a tomboy at heart!
People are getting increasingly adventurous and taking part in events such as Tough Mudder, spending more time training outside instead of the gym - why do you think is?
We all seem to be working harder and in a lot of cases longer hours, to deliver and meet the expectations of the business world we live in.
I think people are looking for more extreme distractions to take themselves and their minds away from the work environment completely.  With a massive increase and promotion on getting fit, the outside has become a natural playground for those who spend a large proportion of their time indoors.
Your 2pm meeting has been cancelled, meaning you now have a two-hour lunch break. What do you do?
I’d grab a sandwich and get back to work!  There’s always something to do!
Describe Swindon in three words.....
Work In Progress! (Building for the future).
What has been your biggest achievement to date?
Happiness and contentment – some people spend a lifetime trying to find it!
C3 Marketing Limited

C3 Marketing Limited

C3 Marketing Limited, in very simple terms, design, manufacture and deliver products and services ‘to get businesses seen’. They help clients to reach target audiences by increasing and developing their business through innovative marketing.

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