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How to Get Your Subscribers to Actually Read Your Emails

Creating email campaigns worth reading is all about being strategic and, providing valuable and engaging content.

Getting your subscribers to open and actually read your emails is a difficult feat, that’s why we’ve put together ways to help you improve how effective your email campaigns are….

Get Personal
Adding a personal touch to your emails will grab the attention and interest of your recipients to encourage them to read them, rather than just scanning through it quickly. Being personal could be as simple as using their first name, sharing your vision with the readers and speaking in your unique voice, rather than in corporate spiel.

Enticing Subject Lines
64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line”, therefore subject lines need to speak to your recipients. You’ll need to make sure the subject lines are engaging and snappy. Using their first name makes it personal, asking a question makes it engaging and talking about an interesting subject makes it enticing.

Providing Value
By offering the recipients something they can learn from, a deal or discount, an offer or an opportunity to enter a competition, you’re providing value and making them feel more inclined to open and read the email. In fact, “70% of email readers open emails from a brand or company in search of a deal, discount, or coupon.”

Variety is the Spice of Life
It’s important to maintain your subscribers interest to encourage them to read all or at least the majority of your emails. Losing your subscribers interest will lead to them ignoring your emails, or worse, unsubscribing all together. Sending your recipients a variety of emails will help maintain their interest and encourage them to read your emails.

Format Accordingly
If your recipient can’t see your email properly, they’re not going to read it! With the wide range of technology available to subscribers nowadays, we the sender have to make sure our emails are formatted to be easily readable from any device, from mobile, being the highest device at 42% and desktop coming in at 28%.

Timing is Everything
Sending your email at the right time of day for when your subscribers will be checking their emails is vital to getting them to read it. Subscribers are sent emails on mass and so your emails can easily get lost among the spam emails, especially if they’re not sent at the right time.

Clear Call-to-Actions 
Making it clear for your recipients to know what they should do and where they should click, is imperative to getting them to your website. Visual buttons with text makes it clear what you’re asking, however photo boxes with text gives them a little preview of what they’ll see and therefore entices them to click even more – thus improving click through rates.

Are your email campaigns struggling to gain the open, read and click-through-rates you’re looking for? We can help! We create and send out dedicated emails on your behalf to our 45,900+ active registrants. Click here to find out more about our packages or contact Liz on 07814 080119, or alternatively contact her via email at

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