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How to Grow Your Business Beyond Bristol

Bristol is a great place to start a business. You can find everything you need for your business to succeed in this city. You can also find advice and resources on our special Start-ups in Bristol page. At some point, however, you need to start thinking about reaching customers outside of Bristol. Thanks to the internet, you can now get customers from all around the UK and the world.

Getting started with marketing your business to a broader market segment is never easy. The tips we are going to discuss in this article will help you get started with growing your business beyond Bristol right away.

Understand Your Products and the Target Customers

To market to a wide range of customers or audiences would be very expensive, even for a large company. To keep the investment as effective as it can be and still grow your customer base, you need to first take a closer look at your products and who they are intended for.

If you’re selling everyday items for local customers, engaging in a campaign to reach customers from outside of Bristol would be a waste of resources. In this case, you’d gain so much more by focusing on things like local SEO and promoting your business to local customers.

For products that work well with UK or international customers, however, all you have to do is set a market segment to aim for. Understand how to reach that market segment best and continue with the next step.

Establish Your Online Presence

Advertisements and other promotional methods are great, but the best way to get the most return on investment and reach a broader audience is by having a strong online presence. Over 80% of today’s internet visits come from search engines and social media. These are the two internet marketing instruments you need to maximise.

Before you can start promoting your business, however, you need to have a good website to represent your brand and your products. Thankfully, companies like make it very easy to buy a domain name and get a website up and running.

You can then fill your new site with content. The best contents are the ones that your users will enjoy reading or viewing. Don’t hesitate to take your time and find out more about how you can attract visits by publishing highly searched articles. You can also talk about general things, such as how travellers can spend a day in Bristol.


Internet marketing is never a one-time thing. It takes time and effort to grow a website’s traffic and gain the level of attention you want for your business. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of visitors or low user engagement in general. Continue to fine-tune your posts – and your internet marketing strategy in general – and you’ll start seeing results.

When you do see results, however, it will all be worth it. You can easily reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers with a single blog post or an attractive YouTube video.


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