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It’s October, the autumn is here the weather is changing and the clocks are about to go back. What’s in store with our SMEs across the UK. Today we’re talking to Rory Ireland, Sales Director for Bristol Twenty Coffee Co.

It’s October, the autumn is here the weather is changing and the clocks are about to go back. What’s in store with our SMEs across the UK. Today we’re talking to Rory Ireland, Sales Director for Bristol Twenty Coffee Co.

What’s coming up for your business/organisation in Q4?

Autumn is a busy time for us; not only do the cooler months push up sales of hot drinks but we usually notice a lot of new hospitality businesses open this time of year, we’re hoping that this year is no different.

This is a month for harvest and Halloween? Are either of these important for you in your business or organisation? 

It’s a great time for autumn inspired drinks and you can really push the boat out. We notice a huge spike in flavoured syrups this time of year.

If you have a product based business & Halloween is an important time for sales – when do you begin preparation for this holiday?

Flavoured coffee syrups are a big one with things like spiced pumpkin, toasted marshmallow and chai suddenly reappearing on menus everywhere. Along side this indulgent toppings such as marshmallows or toffee crunch are a great way to add value to the simplest drink

October represents several awareness months, please say if any are relevant to YOU or YOUR BUSINESS OR ORGANISATION & PLEASE TELL US WHY?

Breast cancer awareness month; black history month; ADHD awareness month. 

Having lost Dad to cancer we always support any form on cancer charity as much as we can. October does also see the return of UK Coffee Week, which supports Project Waterfall that supplies clean drinking water to coffee growing communities the world over, which we are always keen to get behind. This year we will be running a special coffee where the profit is donated to the charity

Did you know October 10 is World Mental Health Day – how important is this subject in your business and in your life? Why:

I think World Mental Health Day is important to everyone, but especially with the last 18 months. Having suffered with anxiety most of my life it is essential that I talk about it with the team and support them all where we can

What practical activities do you participate in at home or at work to protect your mental health and that of your staff (if relevant)?

My garden is my way of chilling out and dealing with any pressures. If I feel myself getting anxious I always head into the garden to potter for an hour which helps. I also have got back into fitness after a few months off, and that’s a great way to feel instantly better.

It’s Halloween this month – what, if anything, does this mean to you and your business/organisation? 

It does mean the return of our winter blend ‘Polar Espresso’ I designed this blend to be all about autumn/winter, its smooth chocolate, candid citrus with warming tones of nutmeg and cinnamon.

It’s also a great time to see some great cold weather drinks popping up. From your simple red velvet hot chocolate to an spiced pumpkin extravaganza.

Clocks go back this month – an extra hour in bed? How do you feel about the darker nights etc? 

I’ve already noticed it in the mornings. I’m usual in for just after 7 to start the roasting and the last week it has been noticeably harder to get up when its dark, so I’m looking forward to a bit lighter in the mornings. I love autumn and can’t wait to get the log burner going on a cold dark night too.

Have you got any events planned you’d like to shout about – either that you are running or attending? This can be business or leisure.

The week of 18-24th October we will be running a special Sumatran coffee where £1 from each kilo sold will go to Project Waterfall, supplying clean drinking water the coffee growing communities all over the world.

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