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TGt Meets...Linda Davies-Carr - IWD Special

In our series of interviews with inspirational women, we asked Business Coach Linda Davies-Carr why she thinks International Women's Day is important!

Name: Linda Davies-Carr

Location: Bristol

Occupation: Business coach known as The Master Fixer.

Which woman would you compare yourself to?

I don’t. Comparing does not serve any benefit. Why waste precious energy focusing on other people's' lives rather than our own. Comparison can often result in resentment and can derail us and deprive us of joy.

Instead I try and be the best version of me that I can be. I try to be a role model to my daughters and provide them with a compass. I don’t always get it right and have had some epic failures, but as long as I am moving forward then I can’t ask anything more of myself - can I?

What would you say is your most valuable skill and why?

Effective communication, putting people at ease and then getting under the skin of their business. My clients have all the answers they need, they just need help in developing their thinking and their solutions.

Why do you think it's important to have an International Women's Day?

It’s a day of celebration, a day of recognition and a day to be thankful about the progress that has been made for women in the last 100 years.

I love what Ban Ki-moon, the former UN Secretary-General famous quote

“We have shattered so many glass ceilings we created a carpet of shards,” he said and “Now we are sweeping away the assumptions and bias of the past so women can advance across new frontiers. It’s about celebrating the past and getting excited about the future."

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

I work hard, I love what I do, but I have great balance. I kick back a lot, have a self care regime and have learned the hard way. I did it all in my 30s, big corporate job, single mum and I studied as well whilst working full time. I burned the candle at both ends and it came back to bit me in my 40s. I wish I had known then what I know now.

So now I plan my self care, I still work hard but I know my limits, have clear boundaries and surround myself with a supportive team who I outsource to.

Have you ever had to give up or miss out on anything in order to pursue your career?

No. I never missed a school assembly, a sports day or a music recital. I had a great corporate career when my daughters were growing up and I was clear about my priorities and my boundaries.

I did once turn down my dream job that would have moved us to live near Lake Como. The girls would have gone to an International school, probably speaking 3 languages by now, skiing at the weekends etc. But I just didn’t think I could make it work as a single mum, a new job, new language, new schools etc. Turning it down was the right decision…. But I do love Lake Como.

Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to fellow females looking to get into your profession?

Get a coach - building a business is hard. So to save you time, money and effort invest in yourself and your business and take guidance from someone who can guide you, help you focus your attention and develop your strategy to help you build the business and the life you deserve.

If you could have dinner with 5 inspirational women dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Michelle Obama, who wouldn’t? The strong woman behind the first black US President. I loved reading her book and am inspired how she is championing young girls everywhere and encouraging them to spread your wings and soar.

I would love to spend some time with my Nana, my maternal grandmother. She died when I was in my 20s and I feel like I wish I’d asked her a ton of things that I just never got around to.

Kris Kardashian, love her or hate her you cannot argue that she is a fierce business woman and her family have financially benefited from her business management. I would love to really find about the women behind the dynasty!

Olivia Colman, she is dominating our screens at the moment and I’d love to talk to her about finding her real fame in her 40s.

Sheryl Sandberg - COO at Facebook, I loved her book and was inspired by her story. I would love to know how looking back how she was so fearless.

As a successful female, where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

I started my coaching business, The Master Fixer when I was 51, after 30+ years of turning around businesses and coaching. So in 10 years I see myself having grown the business so that I coach a handful of key business women one to one, and I have developed a strategic online offering so I can support more women remotely.

I love what I do and whilst I can still make a huge impact and support business women to fulfil their business goals I can’t see myself retiring any time soon.

My youngest daughter is studying Psychology at university and casually mentioned she could be a mini Master Fixer. A family business and leaving a legacy! How amazing would that be, the ability to continue serving a younger group of women with their business needs.

I see myself spending the winter months travelling with my husband, and we plan to rent a home somewhere sunny and warm to use as a base and explore the country, whilst I continue to run and my business from a warmer climate. We have 5 children between us, and I want them to be able to come out and visit. We will always have our home in Bristol - why would we want to live anywhere else?

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