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Top 10 Mobile Apps for Business Owners

If you want to get more done while on the move, apps are the way to go. Anything that helps satisfy the demands of customers, a hectic working day, heavier workload and the work-life balance is a welcome addition to your phone or tablet.

With that in mind, Excalibur Communications has put together what they think are the best 10 mobile apps for remote workers.

1. Evernote

Evernote is our favourite digital notebook. We put all our random thoughts, flashes of inspiration and meeting minutes on here for follow up when we have the time. It can store notes, pdf files, images, web pages and to-do lists, making it a powerful and versatile tool. What’s more, it has a search function too!

2. Gmail

Gmail is still the best email app out there bar none. You get lots of storage, flexible mail sorting, prioritisation, a priority inbox, tabs and search. It’s also accessible from anywhere,including on the move and integrates seamlessly with Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of our all-time favourite productivity apps. It lives on your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop and can save essential files into a central store in the cloud. It’s great for running small-scale backups, for file and data sharing and for ensuring nothing is ever lost. The public folder option makes collaboration easier than ever.

4. Carrot

Carrot is a to-do list with a sense of humour. It’s a “sentient” to-do list that will talk nicely to you when you tick things off the list and scold you humorously when you don’t. If dry apps with no personality bore you, this one certainly won’t. As a productivity app, it uses our own psychology against us to drive us forward. A neat trick that seems to work.

5. Pocket

Pocket is a free app that allows you to save articles, web pages, videos and media for later consumption. It’s ideal if you come across something interesting while working and don’t want to lose track of it. It helps reduce distraction and gives you something to do in those few free minutes during the day.

6. Skype

Skype is still the king of the video conference. While many other apps have come and gone, Skype has prevailed. The sheer flexibility and reliability of the app makes it a must-have. Not only can you host video calls, voice calls and meetings over Skype, you can also use it as an instant messenger too.

7. CloudOn

This curiously named app allows you to create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents while on the move. It works on iOS and Android and can sync with Dropbox, Skydrive and other file shares too. You can even email the documents directly to your contacts. If you need a document in a hurry, or to modify one on the fly, this is the app to do it.

8. Cue

Cue is a scheduler that interacts with Gmail, your calendar, Twitter, Dropbox and others to manage your time. With a glance, you can see what your day looks like, prioritise free time and manage increasingly heavy workloads. If organisation is a priority, this is the app that can help.

9. Clear

Clear is an iOS to-do list app. If you need help keeping track of tasks, this is the app to help. It not only looks good, it works well, is easy to use and is a productivity app to beat all productivity apps. If you don’t want to be talked at by Carrot and use an i-device, this is the to-do list for you.

10. Expense Manager

When it comes to financial tracking apps, you’re never short of options. However, we like this simple app that makes short work of tracking expenditure and income over a week, month or year. It’s a powerful, simple way to keep on top of what’s coming in and what’s going out. Eminently suitable for the small business, it can work in larger organisations too.

Those are Excalibur Communications top 10 productivity apps of choice right now. Each offers something a little different and complements many others on the list. They hope they can help you as much as they help them!

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