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Top 5 Advantages of Working Remotely

Working remotely is undoubtedly on the rise and has been for a few years now. We can only imagine this is one of the many reasons why, “more than 2/3 of employers report increased productivity among their remote workers”.

Here at Total Towers we also believe remote working increases productivity, but that’s not the only advantage of remote working.

Check out are our top 5 advantages of working remotely…

Increases productivity
Too many employers assume that their workers slack when working from home or somewhere out of the office, but they’re wrong. There are so many studies showing that employees are more productive working from home and remotely. Maybe the lack of chatty colleagues and impromptu meetings in the kitchen whilst grabbing a quick coffee could be just a couple of reasons why employees are more productive.

No commuting
Over a lifetime commuters waste on average of a year of their life commuting to work and they have to pay for the privilege! Not many people enjoy commuting to work and by remote working this could cut this out completely, or to minimal commute time! Also by cutting out the commute time workers are able to start their job earlier and finish later, which will ultimately mean more dedication to the job!

Less stressed
Working remotely can decrease stress levels in employees, maybe because they’re not having to do the daily commute every day! Working remotely takes the employees away from the office environment, office politics and gives them some headspace allowing them to relax and de-stress.

Costs less
Remote workers cost less, all they need is a laptop and access to Wi-Fi, whereas an office worker needs an office, desk, laptop, Wi-Fi, electricity and water. By having less office workers, there will be less people in the office which could help companies reduce their rent and property costs.

Providing flexibility for employees will encourage them to remain loyal. By allowing them to work remotely they’re getting more time in their day and thus getting a better work-life balance which will make them want to stay. This will mean a small staff turnover which that in itself is a great cost saving!

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