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Top 5 Apps for Small Businesses

Feeling overwhelmed with all the work you need to do and trying to keep on top of it? Relax! We’ve got just the apps to help you and your productivity, from to-do lists, to project management apps and apps to help you build strong, long lasting relationships with customers.

Here are our top 5 apps for small businesses to use:

Basecamp is a popular and easy to use project management app. It’s an efficient app which allows organisations, their teams and their clients to communicate effectively within their projects. It’s the perfect way to share information and files with clients and teams, whilst also keeping on top of check lists and tracking progress.

Wunderlist is an effective to-do list which enables you to create endless tasks to do which are shareable with the rest of your team. You can even delegate tasks to whomever you like. All lists are synced so once team members have completed tasks everyone will be able to see what has been completed and what still needs to be done.

Skype for Business
With over 300 million people using Skype, it’s a popular app to communicate with people quickly and easily! Whilst Skype is free, Skype for Business allows users to have meetings with up to 250 people, chat, file transfer and much more!

Insightly is a customer relationship management tool, allowing teams to keep on top of contact with clients, and make sure leads and customers aren’t lost due to poor communication. Insightly enables users to categorise clients under tags and integrate and search for social profiles. It’s essentially used as a sales pipeline, allowing you to track statuses of different clients and leads and where they’re at in the sales pipeline.

As a small business you may need to process payments from your clients and customers. Obviously you’re not going to want to spend a lot and you may have a limited budget to spend on payment systems, that’s where Square comes in. Simply by plugging a card reader into your phone, you can swipe credit cards and process payments just like a retailer.

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