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Top Reasons to Use an Electric Car

Over the last couple of years, we have seen electric vehicles dominating the international scene, with cars being produced across all niches. Still, many consumers are not convinced by these vehicles, with some believing that electric vehicles are not well-rounded for daily use.

However, things are changing extremely quickly as more and more electric vehicles are being produced, and more charging stations are being introduced around the country. Therefore, there has never been a better time to consider purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle.

But why should you consider using an electric vehicle? There are lots of reasons why using an electric vehicle is a great idea, and not only because they are good for the environment. Here are some of the other impressive reasons why electric cars are a great option:

Electric Vehicles Are Cheaper to Run

Although electric vehicles are currently much more expensive to purchase than traditional vehicles, they are starting to reduce in price. Not only that but, compared to conventional gas vehicles, electric vehicles are much cheaper to run. In fact, evidence suggests that even though electric vehicles are more expensive than traditional vehicles, over the life of the car, the cost of running an electric vehicle will already save you a large amount of money.

However, if the initial cost of purchasing an electric vehicle is putting you off changing to an electric vehicle, there is another option available to you. You could consider electric car leasing instead. There are lots of amazing cheap electric car leases out there right now, and electric car lease deals mean you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you not have to spend huge amounts of money purchasing a new vehicle, but by choosing to opt for an EV lease, you get to save money on fuelling your vehicle too. You can find out more information about EV lease deals from ElectriX.

Smooth Driving Experience

Compared to traditional vehicles, electric vehicles are much smoother and quieter to drive. In fact, the only sound an electric motor makes is a slight whirring sound. This means that passengers have a much more pleasant driving experience.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

One of the main reasons we should all consider changing to electric vehicles is because they are much better for the environment. In fact, electric cars offer zero emissions when on the road. This means that they can help to reduce harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Help to Reduce Disease

Because electric vehicles emit zero emissions, they do not pollute the atmosphere. This means that the air will be cleaner when there are more electric vehicles on the roads. Cleaner air can help to reduce the number of diseases in the world, which in turn means less stress on public health systems, hospitals, and other medical clinics.

You Do Not Need to Visit a Petrol Station

One of the main benefits of purchasing an electric vehicle is that you no longer have to take time out of your day to visit a petrol station. Instead, you can charge your car from the comfort of your own home, or you can plug it into one of the many charging stations around the country.

High Mileage Range

Lots of people are put off purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle because they worry that the car battery will not last long enough for the journeys they want to complete. However, most electric vehicles can cover a very long distance. For example, the Nissan Leaf can provide up to 239 miles on a single charge, which can get you from Bristol to London and back, and still leave you enough charge for another small journey.

Electric Cars Are Reliable

A lot of drivers may also be surprised to know that electric vehicles are a lot more reliable than the petrol and diesel powered alternatives, since there is no gearbox, spark plugs, clutch, etc. This means there is less chance of a component failing and requiring a visit to the mechanic. Since the parts of an electric car are drastically different to a traditional engine, they also generate less vibration and heat, which can increase the wear and tear on a vehicle. Less wear and tear means you also save hundreds on maintenance costs.

They Are Receiving 5 Star Safety Ratings

The European New Car Assessment Programme has rated the latest electric offerings from Toyota, Hyundai and Ford as five stars. They look at and test many different aspects of safety including crash prevention features, and they all come out on top. What’s more is that, because they run on a battery rather than a fuel tank, they are far less likely to experience damage or catch fire in an accident.

If you were on the fence about whether or not purchasing an electric vehicle would be a wise decision, hopefully these reasons have swayed you.

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