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Where to Work Remotely - City Centre

Looking for a chilled-out spot to turn into your office for an hour or two? Here are a few trusty hotspots in and around Bristol City Centre, with great coffee and even better Wi-Fi. Whether you're firing off a string of emails, or making important calls, the following places should suit all of your remote working needs.

Future Inns

Future Inns

Wi-Fi: Free and easy to connect

About: Hot drinks starting from £2 and served with a freshly baked brownie in a quiet restaurant, options of booths, tables and comfortable chairs next to the window, watching the busy Bristol traffic pass by Cabot Circus. Easy access and welcome to all. Large tables perfect for meetings or lone working.

Open From: 6.30am

Address: Bond Street South, Bristol, BS1 3EN

Telephone: 0117 304 1010

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Wi-Fi: Free, reliable and fast

About: Enjoy great coffee and the Internet at your fingertips. This centrally located gem is a quiet, friendly, and reliable place to go and get your head down. Bristol Temple Meads Train Station is within walking distance. 

Open From: 6.00am

Address: 1 Temple Square, Bristol, BS1 6EB

Telephone: 0117 927 3340



Wi-Fi: Free and relatively fast

About: If you ever happen to find yourself in the Old City, then Source is well worth a visit. It's great for meetings or finishing a proposal on the go. The Wi-Fi is reliable and plug sockets are readily available.

Open From: 8.00am

Address: 1-3 Exchange Avenue, Bristol, BS1 1JW

Telephone: 0117 927 2998

Cafe Revival

Cafe Revival

Wi-Fi: Free and easy to connect

About: The best part of Cafe Revival is that you can spend as much time as you like here, without feeling out of place! There are numerous tables with plug-sockets and the Wi-Fi and coffee are pretty good too.

Open From: 8.00am

Address: 56 Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1JG

Telephone: 0117 930 4008

Spicer & Cole

Spicer & Cole

Wi-Fi: Free and secure

About: Spicer & Cole serve seriously good coffee in a welcoming, uncluttered, contemporary space. The cakes here are always a popular treat while the beautifully made lattes and cappuccinos are easy to sip while mulling your workload over. 

Open From: 7.30am

Address: 1 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4JA

Telephone: 0117 922 0513



Wi-Fi: Free and unlimited

About: With the exception of lunchtime, Friska is a relatively quiet and enjoyable place to work. Above all the coffee is fresh and the staff leave you alone to do your thing. This is a great little find if you’re travelling to or from the train station. 

Open From: 7.00am

Address: Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6BY

Telephone: 0117 929 8971

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