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Red Eyez

The world of Hemp.

After many years in the planning Red Eyez Wholesale has launched operating from Bristol and beyond. They provide a range of products that are compliant within UK/EU law. The CBD Oil originates from the Netherlands and high-quality flowers originate from Switzerland, Spain, and Italy.

CBD Treatment has become incredibly popular in the field of health and well-being with many studies confirming its beneficial properties. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Pain Management 
  • Sleep and Anxiety Management 
  • Neuroprotection 
  • Heart Diseases 
  • Acne Treatment 
  • Migraines 

With its usage increasingly growing over the UK in everyday life, Red Eyez Wholesale is the go-to for specialised CBD products such as: oil, bath bombs, face creams, gels, edibles and much more! 

The team at Red Eyez believe in client satisfaction and return custom, therefore they ensure the quality of their products are second to none and that they are competitively priced - giving you a full spectrum of benefits when shopping with Red Eyez. All of their products are third party lab tested. 

Find out more about them here at https://red-eyez.com/

W: red-eyez.com/

E: Email us

T: 07711 807639

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