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TGt Meets Rob Leat

TGt Meets Rob Leat from RL Fitness - We talk about how and why he became a personal trainer and tells us why you should think about using a PT!

How did you turn your passion for fitness into a career?

I have always been active as I used to do a lot of sport, I decided to do a degree in health and fitness with the University of Bath so I could become a PT. After graduating I worked in various gyms before starting my personal training business.


How do you stay fit and healthy?

I cycle to and from work every day, I get 10,000 plus steps a day and I lift weights 3-5 days a week. I also try to eat healthy 80% of the time and allow myself a little bit of flexibility.


Do you have a motto or favourite motivational quote?

If you feel like quitting remember why you started.


What’s your favourite sport or exercise?

I love weight training but more recently I've started to do callisthenics which is a form of bodyweight exercise.


What are your tips for people looking to get into shape?

Keep it simple, don't try to overcomplicate your approach, eat less and move more. And remember that there are no quick fixes if you want to get in shape, look at it as a long term commitment, not a short term change. 


What are some mistakes people make when training/working towards a weight or fitness goal?

Not giving themselves enough time, they expect quick results, as I said above they overcomplicate things, by cutting out carbs, using lots of supplements, fasting etc. When in reality all they need to is eat less and move more.

Another mistake people make is they don't set a clear goal and they have no plan/strategy for how they are going to achieve their goal.

I always suggest to new gym members that they follow an exercise plan whether that be one they get online or one that I write for them. 


Is there an ideal time of day to workout ?

Whatever suits your schedule and preference. Mornings tend to be a lot quieter than the evenings and you get your workout out the way first thing meaning you are less likely to decide to avoid the gym after work.


What foods are always in your fridge?

The foods you enjoy eating, but in general, make sure you have plenty of vegetables and fruit (green leafy vegetables are very good) lean protein such as chicken breast, turkey mince, fish, greek yoghurt or quorn/vegan protein. 


What make you different to other PT’S?

I care about what the client is up to when they’re not with me, I’m not just a conveyor belt PT who gets clients in beasts them, says goodbye and moves onto the next client. I genuinely care about the clients and I tailor my approach to the individual and pick the approach that works best for them. 


What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing clients achieve results they never thought they could.


Why do you think people should use a PT?    

We shortcut you spending hours researching what is the best diet and exercise plan, we help you to implement an exercise plan and hold you accountable to make sure you stick to it.

It will change your life, you will become healthier, fitter, stronger and ultimately get in the best shape of your life.



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