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Better Keynsham Soft Play Review

Are you a fellow parent with a love-hate relationship with Soft Play areas?

Seeing your little ones faces light up as you enter a soft play area, and then witnessing them exploring all the facilities is what it's all about for me, but I can understand the thought of a massive number of kids running riot in a confined space, being off putting. The general view is, if it's raining and the kids need to let off some energy, then you pretty much have no choice in the matter - but it's not going to be fun for the adults.

Well, thanks to the brand new soft play facility at the Keynsham Better Leisure Centre, a soft play visit won't be a chore again! The whole trip from start to finish was an absolute joy - even with 3 very energetic toddlers in tow!

There's plentiful parking right by the centre and as soon as you enter, you're welcomed by friendly staff, a big clean and open space, and the soft play is conveniently located right by the entrance.

An observation that hit us immediately and really made the experience so pleasurable for all of us was that there was seating right by the play areas. There is also a cafe just outside the soft play as well if you want to buy drinks or snacks before you go in or grab some lunch afterwards.

We accompanied our 2 years olds' around the soft play, but with all of the seating being right by the play area and in full view you could easily have a coffee while watching your little ones explore.

The play area itself is exceptionally clean, bright, light and airy, and really well designed; on the right you have the baby area with lots of sensory play (which even our toddlers loved with the sensory lights and mirrors), small ball pits and foam climbing obstacles. To the left, there is a really impressive soft play structure which had about 4 levels of different activities ranging from mirrored areas, bridges, tunnels and steps leading up to a big slide. Our toddlers absolutely loved discovering the mirrored door area and play peekaboo with each other.

In between, there is a good sized ball bit and four small trampolines which the kids spent about 20 minutes wearing themselves out on. 

After one circuit we stopped for a drink and a snack to fuel them up for round two. We spent at least 90 minutes in there and then decided to have lunch in the centre's cafe. Again, a very pleasant surprise from the usual overpriced average food and drink you tend to get at Soft Play centres. And to top it off, it costs just £2.50 for adult entry to the soft play area with a complimentary hot drink also included. 

There is also a fantastic and spacious patio area located directly next to the cafe, so even on hot days you can sit out in the sun with a relaxing drink, knowing that your kids are inside playing and having fun in a safe environment, 

This was genuinely the most enjoyable soft play experience we've had - and not just for the kids. All the parents and children seemed to be having fun; there was no pushing to get in overcrowded areas, there was a well positioned and generous seating area, no queues or overpriced items at the café, and the cleanliness and safety were very impressive. I urge anyone that has a fear of soft play areas to visit this one as I'm sure you will have a positive experience and will be converted.

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