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Funerals in Bristol

Arranging a funeral can be an incredibly emotional and difficult affair with several legal and financial matters to consider. Taking the following steps will help you to prepare, whether you're planning your own or the funeral of a loved one.

Planning Ahead

If you want to ease the burden that friends or family members will face once you've passed, planning your own funeral may be the right thing to do. Funerals can usually be planned and paid for well in advance of death.  

Those caring for individuals who are dying, are also advised to plan ahead. Organising a funeral will be far easier to do with a clear mind - difficult decisions will only be made harder when grieving. 

Getting Started

There are several things that you must do in the wake of a death:

  • Obtain a medical certificate 
  • Register the death within 5 days of the death (normally funerals can only take place after the death has been registered)
  • Arrange the funeral

Funeral Directors

Contact several funeral directors in Bristol to compare prices and available options. If needed, the funeral home staff will be able to assist in obtaining death certificates as well as preparing and submitting an obituary.

Ensure that you:

  • Get more than one quote to compare costs
  • Choose a funeral director who is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority
  • The British Humanist Association may also be able to assist with non-religious services.

Arranging A Funeral Yourself

Although most people welcome the opportunity to pass on some of the responsibility to a funeral director there's nothing stopping you from arranging a funeral yourself.  

If you're considering arranging the funeral yourself:

  • Consult family members or friends who might be able to help share tasks that need completing
  • Seek help and guidance via the web about the paperwork you will need and the people you will need to contact

Even if you decide to enlist the help of a funeral director, there are still a number of things that you can do for yourself. If there's a particular aspect of the preparations that you'd like to play a fuller role, talk to your funeral director. 


Catering is an essential for a funeral to keep your guests stomachs lined and to almost create a distraction. Here in Bristol we have a few caterers to call for the occasion.

Funeral Costs

  • Funeral director fees
  • Disbursements’ or ‘third party costs’ - e.g. crematorium or cemetery fees, a newspaper announcement about the death
  • Local authority burial or cremation fees
  • Catering
  • Florists

Paying for A Funeral

  • By you or other family members or friends
  • From a financial scheme the person had - e.g. a pre-paid funeral plan or insurance policy
  • From money from the person’s estate (e.g. savings)
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