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Burgers are a gem of an item, and there are so many to make your mouth water. From the basic cheeseburger, to one piled high with quality meat, lettuce, tomato, and a nice toasted brioche bun. It is because of our love affair with the burger that Bristol has a plethora of wonderful burger takeaways to suit almost any taste. From the familiar chains to the gourmet specialists, Bristol has the lot. Here is a list of where to get a takeaway burger in Bristol.

Burger King

40-42 The Horsefair, Bristol, BS1 3JE

Burger King

7 Castle Gallery, Bristol, BS1 3XE

Fry & Grill

7/Waring House/Redcliff Hill, Bristol, BS1 6TB

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

71 Glass Walk, Bristol, BS1 3BQ

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

74 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5JX


15-29 Union St, Bristol, BS1 3DD

McDonald's Restaurants Ltd

101-105 The Horsefair, Bristol, BS1 3JR

Rita's Take Away

94 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RJ

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