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Thrings’ Brexit MOT: Get Your Business Brexit Ready

The Thrings Brexit MOT is designed to review your business to help you prepare for the legal changes that Brexit will bring. It also enables your business to prepare in plenty of time in order to make the most of opportunities that may arise with the UK’s exit from the EU.

By reviewing your current contracts, we can help you prevent and reduce negative impacts, manage the fluidity of trade relations, and ensure that your business is protected.

What we do

  • Review your supply chain
  • Identify which contracts should be reviewed, including existing contracts, standard terms and conditions of trade, and terms of trade for your customers or suppliers.
  • Ensure we focus on high-value and high-cost contracts, and any with an EU connection.
  • Provide a thorough report of selected contracts.
  • Guide you on what to consider for future contracts.
  • Identify changing areas of law relevant to your business.
  • Optional Intellectual Property Audit: we’ll assess your IP portfolio to establish your rights in the EU, and seek to apply for any necessary rights in the UK.
  • Provide both an estimated and fixed fee to match your needs and your portfolio.

What we review

  • Contractual price mechanisms, price review provisions and currency risk issues
  • Impact on delivery, delay events and “excusing causes”
  • Commercial effect, tariffs on goods or services, increased cost of EU customs checks
  • Territorial scope and references to “EU”
  • Force Majeure
  • Termination rights
  • EU law obligations (including references in the contract)
  • Use of personal data and data protection compliance (if relevant)
  • Licensing of EU trade marks
  • Dispute resolution provisions

The UK’s exit from the EU is underway. Make sure you and your business are prepared.

Contact us

For more information, speak to one of the Brexit Team at Thrings on

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