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Say Hello to Bristol's Newest Cocktail Bar - Filthy XIII

Bristol is lucky to have many incredible cocktail bars each with their own unique theme and speciality drinks, the latest to add to this amazing list is Filthy Thirteen. Located on Cheltenham Road right near The Arches, this is situated in a prime hotspot for Bristol nightlife.

Taking its name from 'the real-life Dirty Dozen – a bunch of World War II roughneck, reprobate, special-focus soldiers of some notoriety. The original Thirteen were rough around the edges and didn’t care too much for the powers that be, but got the job done – and that’s the general mentality the team at Filthy’s take to their style of service and cocktails.'

Following closely on Instagram the renovation I couldn't wait to finally check out the place and have some drinks. Heading with a group of friends we arrived around 9pm on a Friday night, we were lucky enough to grab a table for four at the entrance of the bar. The bar looked awesome filled with bottles of various liquors with perfect mood lighting, I loved the playfulness of the interiors with humorous artwork and signs. 

We were welcomed by a friendly barman who offered us table service and gave us a sample menu of the drinks on offer, he also explained how you can request any drink you wanted, and they could make it. From the menu, we ordered - 'Scrumptious Sour', '6AM Sunrise' and 'Curbside Collins.'  Each drink was extremely unique and nothing like I had ever tasted before, the 6AM Sunrise had a spicy hint as it included pepper cordial! The Scrumptious Sour seemed to be everyone's favourite, it was sweet and delicious and looked really interesting and the 'Curbside Collins' came with a little packet of seeds for you to plant.

We spent a good two hours inside drinking, enjoying the music and the whole vibe of the bar. The table service made it for us with one particularly funny, sarcastic barman who entertained us and got us two rounds of special shots, he was really genuine and definitely enhanced our night. 

Filthy 13 is absolutely a new favourite of mine, have you checked it out yet? 

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