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Recipe: Malaysian Fried Chicken in a Box

This is fried chicken to change the way you feel about boxed fried chicken forever.

If you like a lager & lime this is the perfect partner. Now the box ... get a posh shoe box, line it with tin foil and put some holes in the lid!

Turning up at a friend’s BBQ or picnic with this, will be like inviting Nigella or Jamie in a box!

Serve the chicken hot from the fryer or cook beforehand, chill and re-heat thoroughly on the BBQ (75c in the middle).

To serve 8:

24 free range chicken thighs
200ml Kikoman soy sauce*
200ml Shao t/sing rice wine*
Zest & juice of 4 limes
3oz soft light brown sugar
Salt & pepper
A little dried chilli flakes*
A cup full of cornflour
Crispy fried shallots*
Fresh coriander & fresh chilli strips


The day before, slash deep cuts into the chicken thighs & place them in a bowl. Mix in the soy, rice wine, lime juice, sugar, dried chilli and salt & pepper. Give it a good mix & place in the fridge overnight.

To cook the chicken, heat a fat fryer to 120c & dry the chicken pieces well. Roll 6 at a time into the cornflour, shake well & lower carefully into the fryer. Cook until golden & 75c in the centre.

When all the chicken is cooked either mix with the shallots & coriander and serve in the box, or chill & then re-heat adding the garnishes later.

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