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Let's Talk About Escape Rooms

Over time, escape rooms have grown in popularity.

Major escape rooms, such as Fox in a box (Chicago family escape room), Sherlocked, and others, have contributed to the popularity of this leisure pastime among individuals of all ages globally.

These escape rooms are less known among UK residents living in Warwick, but they are still a must-do if you are looking for top things to do in Warwick this weekend.

Today's article is about the same, as there are some of the top escape rooms in the area where one may have a good time.

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt proudly claims their presence across every continent except Antarctica. The games got inspiration from the locations of their establishments. 

For example, the Houston branch holds "The Theft of the Texas Lone Star," while the Barcelona branch hosts "La Vampira de Barcelona," which puts up to six players against Vampira del Raval, a Spanish serial murderer, to save any future victims.


Escapology boasts to be the world's fastest-growing escape room franchise, with more than ten locations worldwide.

With 11 games in its arsenal, the company has something for every puzzle lover. The "Narco" chamber provides players one hour to try to escape a nasty drug lord's residence.


This attraction, located in Boston, is for puzzlers who enjoy suspense. Trapology presently has five distinct chambers to choose from, including one of the difficult, "Crush Depth," which allows eight players to compete for control of a sinking submarine with an angry back-from-the-dead sea captain. 

On its website, Trapology provides the difficulty and success rate of each area. Neither of the rooms has a rate higher than 30%.


Sherlocked Mystery Experiences include two mind-boggling games- "The Vault" and "The Architect". The quality of these games makes it one of the top escape room experiences in Amsterdam. 

The "Vault" is an 80-minute break-in challenge in which up to four "thieves" attempt to steal a mysterious object from a high-tech safe. If participants encounter a hurdle, Sherlocked provides an aid, referred to as a "henchman" in this case. 

Escapers investigate the office of a fallen architect for hints to a secret society in "The Architect," a 60-minute game. Neither room is "in any way" frightening, and "it's also fine if you're claustrophobic."

5 Wits

This choice will not disappoint thrill-seeking puzzlers and is too cool to be left off the list. Each "adventure" has multiple rooms, and the firm aims to make you the star of your own action movie with amazing effects and hands-on storytelling. 

At 5 Wits have five chambers, including "Deep Space," where you get teleported to a deserted spacecraft and have 30 minutes to figure out what occurred and safely return. 

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