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3 Reasons Men Might Not Be Feeling Themselves This Winter And What You Can Do

Everyone in life experiences hardship. However, not everybody will come forward and confide in others, choosing to deal with their challenges privately.

Unfortunately, men have been in the throes of a mental health crisis for some time now. During these moments, they need supportive friends and family to rally around them and offer support. You might be surprised at the level of influence you can exude and how much of a difference your words and behaviour can make.

Some difficult discussions may need to be had, but if they’re for the betterment of others, they are certainly worthwhile. You may even feel more confident within yourself, too, especially when you can come through for your friends and navigate taboo topics well.

If you hope to be there for any struggling men in your life, the tips below may help guide your efforts somewhat. Here is what your male friends could be struggling with and how you can offer help.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Often colloquially dubbed as ‘the winter blues’, SAD is a complicated depression. It can occur in men and women and may be present during the warmer months as well. Generally, symptoms of the illness are thought to be worse during winter. If any men in your life seem distracted or distant this winter, it may be worth reviewing the symptoms of SAD with them in mind. Sleeping excessively and losing interest in daily activities are among the indicators too, so examine their behaviour. If you or they suspect it is SAD that they are suffering from, a visit to the GP is highly advisable.

You could accompany your male friend to their GP appointments. Additionally, involving them in the more active part of your own lifestyle could be enough to pull them out of any bleak period. Being a good listener is also crucial, so make you are contactable and willing to spend time with them. Your presence can make a big difference.

The reasons behind SAD occurring are not confirmed. However, it is thought to be linked to winter primarily due to people suffering from reduced exposure to sunlight at that time. The NHS stipulate that this causes a part of the brain called the hypothalamus to stop working correctly. Keeping your friend in a well-lit environment, or taking them outside during winter’s rare sunny days, are helpful courses of action. Perhaps a holiday to a place with great weather could be in order, too?

Suppressed Sexuality

Sexual health is essential. However, when men have issues with things like erectile dysfunction (ED), it can be an incredibly isolating experience. These troubles may also damage their self-esteem, and they could bottle these intense feelings internally.

Men may be unlikely to share their issues here. However, if they have opened up to you or shared fleeting clues about their woes, privately recommending treatment could give them a bit of a boost. Otherwise, they might feel lost, so breaking down stigmas and presenting them with a straightforward plan of action could give them some hope.

Be knowledgeable with your recommendations here. For example, you could point them to Chemist Click, who supply tadalafil in the U.K, along with an in-depth guide covering its uses. There are two variations. The 2.5mg and 5mg dosages are known as tadalafil daily. Alternatively, users can take

tadalafil 36 hours, consisting of bigger dosages at 10mg and 20mg. The recommended starter dosage is 10mg, and while not a cure, it should help counter the effects of ED.

Try to power through any feelings of awkwardness, as moments like these can be pivotal in a friendship. These moments can be life-changing for some men. Try to talk them through these problems if they have any questions, and be encouraging and supportive. If you can help them with a sensitive issue like this, they may come to you in future should they experience any other struggles in life.

No Plans

Winter has two big milestone moments in the season; Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. To not have plans for either would no doubt make the men in your life feel disconnected.

If it is within your power, consider inviting any guy friends to the events you will be either hosting or attending. Include them in the day’s and evening’s activities, and integrate them into all your different social circles.

Of course, your male friend may be alone at these times due to circumstances outside of their control. In these situations, it may be helpful to present ideas on how to make these occasions more worthwhile for them. The very least you can do is offer suggestions and put as much a positive spin on things as you can.

Be contactable by phone and video call, too, as there are plenty of ways to nurture your friendship remotely. You can watch a film together via a video streaming platform, play online games, or simply chat the hours away. Making an effort here could give them a considerable boost.

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