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5 Halloween-Themed Date Ideas for LGBTQ+ for Couples Looking to Get Spooky in Bristol

Bristol is famous for being one of the best cities in the UK for LGBTQ+ singles and couples. The colorful nightlife scene, events, and two gay villages open many possibilities, especially around Halloween. We came up with 5 Halloween-themed ideas in Bristol to help with planning one of the best nights of the year.

Make Your Dating Profile Halloween-Themed (to Meet Gay-Partner Ready for Scary Time on Halloween)

Having a good Halloween takes more preparation than some may say. One of the things some LGBTQ+ singles don’t see is how much better Halloween is for couples. The whole energy of the day helps them relax, leading to better dates. That’s why gay guys prepare for Halloween by meeting partners online days or weeks before. Most of them use online dating anyway. But the key around Halloween is to show other single guys you’re looking to get spooky in Bristol or anywhere else. Doing that on sites for gay dating UK isn’t difficult because of HD profile photos and descriptions. Matchmaking features make profiles of potential matches more visible, so it pays off to add a photo in the costume. Or at least have something about Halloween in a profile description. It’s easier to turn the conversation on chat towards Halloween when the other guy is probably looking for the Halloween date anyway. Gay guys following that advice rarely show up at the LGBTQ+ Halloween parties without dates.

Halloween Related Conversation Starters

Knowing some interesting facts about Halloween is like having a keyboard for conversation topics. Most LGBTQ+ members, gay men included, don’t know much about the day we all love so much. Mentioning spooky or less-known things about Halloween on online chat or date is an easy communication hack. Conversation can go in any direction and shows the person took time to learn something about Halloween. To save that time, we’ll list some below.

  • Halloween has roots in the ancient Celtic new year celebration - the festival of Samhain.
  • Celts believed that borders between worlds of living and death become blurry on October 31 and spirits of the dead return to this world. Spooky!
  • Celts kept candles to help spirits find their way back to the world of the dead
  • Halloween came from the festival under the masks (animal hides and heads) on which crops and animals were sacrificed on huge bonfires in exchange for protection during the coming winter.
  • European immigrants popularized Halloween in America in the second half of the 19th century.
  • Halloween parties similar to those we have today date from the 1920s

Halloween-Themed Events Could be Good for First Dates

After learning some spooky facts about the history of Halloween, it’s time to learn 5 Halloween-themed date ideas for LGBTQ+ couples in Bristol. They’re so exciting it’s scary.

  • House party - an LGBTQ+ Halloween house party is a safe bet for a good time. Couples can get lost in the sea of masks and whisper scary stories to each other's ears.
  • Go clubbing in Frogmore Street - gay men are having a great time in Frogmore street most nights of the year, but not many can compare to Halloween. Clubs turn into portals to worlds of spookiness and fun. A couple of drinks to stay warm and a Halloween date could become a fun first-date story.
  • Visit Old Market - Bristol's Gay Village - another LGBTQ+ hotspot in Bristol is Old Market. Famous pubs and bars know how to make their guests happy during Halloween. Couples spending Halloween night there don’t have to be scared of boredom.
  • Visit Broad street to honor Richard Arnold and William Critchett - a male gay couple who was arrested in the Swann Inn on Broad Street and later hanged because they were gay. Honoring them while in the costume combines Halloween and respects men who lived in the cruel world.
  • Go for a party with a twist in Fun House Of Horrors - brave gays seeking a good time on Halloween in Bristol already have tickets for the Fun House Of Horrors. The event lives up to its name, making it perfect for LGBTQ+ couples looking for something different.
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