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Can I commute from Bristol to London?

Can I commute from Bristol to London?

London is the primary destination for anyone looking to climb the career ladder and make a name for themselves.It offers the highest salaries anywhere in the UK and is home to many of the world’s most successful companies.

This means one thing – opportunity. But fewer people are choosing to relocate to the capital, particularly since the pandemic, meaning that London’s commuter belt is ever expanding.With investment continuing in public transport systems inside and away from London, commuting from further afield is becoming a realistic possibility. In this article, we’ll explore whether commuting from Bristol is possible and discuss some key things to consider. 

How long is the commute? 

The most logical form of transport from Bristol would be the train. Driving one-way would take over 2 and a half hours on a good day, adding at least 5 hours onto your working day if you commute regularly. The average train from Temple Meads to London Paddington takes around 90 minutes, with trains from Parkway being slightly quicker. This is a more sustainable option and you can sit back and relax or carry on working on the journey. This sounds like a fairly respectable option on the face of it, but we’ll explore other factors that may influence your decision below. 

How much would it cost? 

Commuting to London by train is certainly not a cheap option, but it depends on who’s paying for the tickets and how often you go. The cheapest weekly ticket you can get is around £230, increasing to nearly £900 for a monthly and over £9000 for an annual travelcard. Other forms of ticket will be much more than this depending on the routes you will be taking and if you want a London travelcard too. A single peak ticket from Bristol to London is likely to set you back over £100 depending on when you book and general availability. You can make massive savings if you are flexible with when you travel and don’t always travel at peak times. 

How often do you need to be in London? 

The ultimate question you need to consider is how much will you realistically need to be in London if you live in or around Bristol? Chances are if you’re needed in the office every day then commuting probably isn’t sustainable for your wellbeing or finances. However, if you’re working on a remote or hybrid contract where you only need to go into the capital now and again then you may be able to make it work. If you have to be in London for a few days at a time for certain projects, you could always stay in a serviced apartment to avoid having to come back and forth every day. 

It's probably not an ideal scenario if you’re thinking of starting a job in London but if you can stay in the place you love and commute now and again, then why not try to make it work? Best of luck! 

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