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Dating Tips for Him

We don't do too badly for ourselves dating wise here at TGtB, so we thought we'd bestow some of our lady catching wisdom on the single guys of Bristol.

Always Look Your Best

Looking as good as possible is always a great way to kick off your date. If you’re worried you don’t look much like a male model, don’t sweat it. It’s not about how attractive you are but looking as good as you possibly can. Girls love a guy who dresses well, smells nice and is well groomed.

By simply looking good it’ll make you feel good too, which will increase your confidence and make you more attractive to your date.

Remember the 3 S' shower, shave, scent.

Make Good Conversation

Women like it when men connect with them and enjoy their same interests. So take some time to work out what your date enjoys talking about. Something as simple as this will help you get to know each other better and hopefully prompt her to want a second date.

It’s always good to remember you’re going to have to make some small talk throughout the evening too, so make sure you’re clued up on current on current affairs and news stories. Keeping up with TV shows and news that women enjoy discussing can give you a real leg up when it comes to having good conversations with them.

Being knowledgeable about music, fashion, celebrity gossip, and other things women enjoy will definitely help you to keep the conversation moving along.

Be Respectful & Courteous

Be a gentleman, everyone, not just women, like to be treated with respect and good manners. By showing her you’re someone who’s capable of doing this, will definitely impress her.

If you can show your date respect, good manners and treat her well, this will differentiate you from ‘most’ other guys she's probably been with and make you a lot more attractive in her eyes.

Post Date Texting

Leaving it three days to contact your date is a thing of the past. (Unless you don't want to see her again) The sooner you tell her what a great time you had the better, don't worry about coming across too keen, we're sure she'll be just as eager to text you as you are.

If the date went really well, send her a text the same evening as the date.


Checking your mobile, texting, Facebooking, tweeting or worst of all taking a call during a date are all huge no no's. Not only will it make you seem rude, but worst of all disinterested at your dates conversation.

At the start of the date, it might be a good idea to turn your phone off. Not on silent. Not on vibrate. But off. This way you're more likely to forget you've got it and give in to temptation.

Make a Move

If you like her, show her, even if it’s a first date.

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