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Hydration Tips & Advice

You could have a training schedule like Jessica Ennis, but if you don't stay well hydrated you'll be undoing all your hard work!

Total Bristol ask the experts at Matt Gleed Personal Training about why hydration has such an impact on fitness levels.

Lots of people don't drink enough water but maybe understanding the benefits more will encourage you to think again.

Hydration doesnt have to come just from drinking water. Many people especially kids find it boring so in whatever form be it, juice, squash and even a good old cuppa, just make sure you remeber to take on lots of fluids.

Maybe these statistics will get help you get in good habits:

  • 75% of the body is made up of water
  • 75% of muscles are made of water
  • 92% of blood is made of water
  • 1% dehydration results in thirst
  • 2% dehydration reduces your ability to work
  • 4% dehydration results in lethargy & possible mental symptoms

You should drink often throughout the day to avoid issues of concentration, constipation, kidney infections and more. It also helps reduce obesity.

So, you don't just need more water to enhance physical activity, even at rest your body needs hydration to perform effectively.

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