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Parks & Open Spaces in Bristol

Whether you're nipping out on your lunch break to grab a bit of peace and quiet, or you're packing a picnic and making a day of it, Bristol's parks and open spaces have something for everyone. Take on and take note of our Top Tips to make the most of your visit.

Bristol may be a bustling city but you'd be surprised how much it is surrounded by a huge amount of fantastic open space. You don't have to get out of the city to enjoy some fresh air in a park or open space - we've got loads! Here are some of our favourites below...

Ashton Court Estate

Ashton Court Estate

Location: Long Ashton

About: Just a short 10 minute journey from the centre of Bristol, this is perfect to either have a walk around or family picnic. It covers 850 acres of woods and grasslands in total and discover the magnificent old oak trees and see the deer graze in an estate. The facilities they offer here:

  • Deer park
  • Golf course 
  • 2 Cafes
  • Toilets
  • Woodland garden

Opening times: Monday - Sunday 8.00am - 5.15pm (November, December, January) 6.15pm (February) 7.15pm (March & October) 9.15pm (May, June, July, August) 8.15pm (April & September) 

Parking: Parking costs £1.20 per vehicle per day.

Address: Ashton Court Estate, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9JN

Greville Smyth Park

Greville Smyth Park

Location: Ashton

About: Greville Smyth Park is now a very popular local community park in south Bristol, well known for its splendid trees, fine views, exciting children's play area and varied community-led activity programme. The facilities they offer are: 

  • Dog-free play area for under 12s
  • Dog-free play area for teenagers
  • Three football pitches
  • One ping pong table
  • Tennis courts 
  • Five outdoor exercise stations
  • Bowling green 

Opening times: Greville Smyth Park is open at all times.

Parking: There is no dedicated car park on site.

Address: Greville Smyth Park, Ashton Road, Ashton, Bristol BS3 2EA

Castle Park

Castle Park

Location: Broadmead

About: Nestled between Bristol Shopping Quarter on one side and the beautiful Harbourside on the other, Castle Park offers a quiet place to sit or stroll, whilst looking over the tranquil water. The park is also a focus for many pieces of artwork, from creative seats and a carved stone throne to a unique water fountain. They facilities they offer are: 

  • St Peter's Church
  • Bandstand 
  • Remains of Bristol's castle

Opening times: Castle Park is open at all times.

Parking: There is no dedicated car park here but there are places nearby.

Address: Castle Park, Broad Weir, Bristol, BS1 3XB.

Blaise Castle House Museum & Estate

Blaise Castle House Museum & Estate

Location: Henbury

About: You can explore the parkland and woodlands, as well as enjoying the cafe whilst the kids head off to the children’s adventure playground. The facilities they offer: 

  • Cricket pitch
  • BBQ's 
  • Toilets
  • Nursery
  • Museum 
  • Picnic areas

Opening times: Monday - Sunday 7.30am - 5.15pm (November, December & January) 6.15pm (February) 7.15pm (March & October) 8.15pm (April & September) and 9.15pm (May, June, July & August)

Parking: There are two car parks with no charge:

  • main car park off Kings Weston Road at BS10 7QS
  • small car park off The Dingle at BS9 2PA

Address: Henbury Road, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 7QS

The Downs

The Downs

Location: Clifton

About: The Downs consists of Clifton Down and Durdham Down, bordering the Clifton Village, Clifton and Redland areas of Bristol. They are within walking distance of other major attractions such as the Clifton Susupension Bridge, giving the impression of being surrounded by countryside. The facilities they offer here:

  • Café Retreat
  • Toilets
  • Benches and picnic areas
  • Children’s playground on Sion Hill
  • BBQ area on Ladies Mile
  • Six outdoor exercise stations
  • Football pitches and changing rooms
  • Avon Gorge
  • Clifton Observatory

Opening times: The downs are open at all times.

Parking: There is no dedicated carpark.

Address: Stoke Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS9 1FG

Oldbury Court & Snuff Mills

Oldbury Court & Snuff Mills

Location: Fishponds

About: Oldbury Court is a beautiful and diverse estate, combining woodland and riverside paths with historic parkland and excellent children's play facilities. Its a great place for a family day out, featuring big green spaces and picnic areas, and is popular with walkers for its varied landscape and panoramic views. The facilities they offer:

  • Café kiosk and terrace seating next to the play park
  • Toilets
  • Children’s play park for those 13 and under
  • Tea hut at Snuff Mills
  • Picnic spots
  • Fishing in the River Frome, in areas marked on the path only
  • Two football pitches
  • One cricket pitch

Opening times: There is no charge for admission. Oldbury Court Estate is open at all times.

Parking: There are two car parks, which are open from: 8am to dusk (Monday to Friday) and 8:30am to dusk (Saturday to Sunday).

  • OIdbury Court Estate car park: off Oldbury Court, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2JH
  • Snuff Mills car park: at the end of River View, Stapleton, Bristol, BS16 1DL

Address: Oldbury Court Estate, Oldbury Court Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2JH

Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill

Location: West End

About: You can enjoy great views over the city and Harbourside area. Brandon Hill features a children's play area, beautiful paths and a nature conservation area, and of course the icon of Bristol's skyline, Cabot Tower. It's free to climb up the steep, twisting steps of the tower, which is open daily. You will be happy to know that you can do BBQ's here as well!

Opening times: There is no charge for admission and the park is open at all times.

Parking: There is no dedicated car park.

Address: Brandon Hill Park, Park St, Bristol, Avon BS1 5RR

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