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Shaving & Facial Hair

Whether you're clean shaven or sporting some stubble, here's TGtB' top tips for keeping your facial hair in check.

Nowadays clean shaven gents aren't the only ones who look well groomed. More and more men are adopting a more rugged approach to their facial hair.

From David Beckham to Adam Levine some of the world's most stylish and sophisticated chaps are backing away from their razors and embracing the beard. 

Although (if done right) stubble is no longer seen as scruffy, that doesn't mean to say that we'll be channelling Alan's look from The Hangover anytime soon. 

No matter how you're currently sporting your growth, the lads on the TGtS grooming team have been busy putting together some of the best ways to combat your facial fuzz at home:


1. Preparation, technique and aftercare are crucial to a close and comfortable shave. 

2. Before you get down to business, make sure you soften your skin and facial hair by using a pre-shave oil or by showering. 

3. After lathering your whole face, the key is to make short strokes in the same direction that your hair grows. It's important to remember that the hair on your neck and lower chin usually changes direction, so you'll need to change you're approach the lower down your face you get.

4. Typically mid-shave, lathering again will be required. To ensure that you've targeted all areas of your face properly, this time go across the grain.

5. To close your pores and tighten your skin back up, finish off by splashing your face with ice cold water. This will soothe your skin and prevent any unsightly razor rash.

TGtS Recommends

  • Preserve the life of your razor by storing your blade in pre-shave oil or by using a razor shield to protect it.
  • To avoid ingrown hairs and the pain and discomfort that comes with them, try not to shave against the grain - shaving against the grain will cut hair below the skin and can sometimes cause nasty infections.
  • To minimize cuts and irritation, ensure that you use a disposable razor no more than five times. 


1. An adjustable beard trimmer without a guard, will help you achieve the perfect five o’clock shadow. 

2. When trimming your facial hair, one of the most important things to check for is consistency - So it's important to keep an eye out for any longer or shorter patches of hair whilst trimming. 

3. To keep your moustache neat and tidy, use a pair of scissors or a precision trimmer to get rid of any stray hairs.

4.  When tackling stubble on your neck, use a razor without a guard to trim or shave any hair that grows below the top of your Adam’s apple. 

5. In order to get a sharp, clean finish, make sure to trim any stubble that grows high up on your cheeks. The optimum place to shave is parallel to your jawline, just below your cheekbone.

TGtS Recommends:

  • In order to maintain your stubble and avoid beard territory, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 as often as required.
  • Even pressure is the secret to consistent stubble. Running your fingers over your face will give you a good indication of which areas need a little more attention.
  • Ensure you eradicate any stray hairs on your neck and cheeks, giving you a relatively clean line to the edge of the stubble.


1. Your objective should be to create a beard that defines your face in a smooth, tidy way, pleasing to the eye.

2. The shape of your face can heavily impact the style in which you should fashion beard. For example, guys with either oblong or oval faces should trim the hairs closer on the underside of your chin, leaving a bit of length on their cheeks. Whereas guys with round faces should do the opposite.

3. The first area that you should tackle is the hair on your neck. For the best results use a trimmer with a No. 1 guard on. 

4. Next begin to trim your checks, similar to if you were maintaining stubble - parallel to your jawline, just below your cheekbone.

5. Finally, flatten down your moustache and using scissors cut off any hairs that fall below the lip. 

TGtS Recommends

  • Treat the hair on your face as you would on your head - Shampoo and condition your beard every other day. 
  • Whilst showering, comb your beard to exfoliate the skin beneath thus making your beard easier to trim.
  • To get rid of stray hairs use a trimmer with a long guard. 
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