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The Perfect Six Pack

The summer beach bod is usually pretty high up on the wish list for most guys and girls. (We know it's still winter, but..) TGtB thought we'd get ahead of the game and cover some of the best work out techniques to get you that dream body in time for June!

We’ve all seen pictures on magazine covers of people with enviably defined stomach muscles. However, it is important to realise that these pictures rarely tell the complete story.

The celebrity models featured are usually airbrushed & the models have spent weeks dieting-down to achieve such a chiselled look. However, trying to achieve an extremely low level of body fat is neither healthy nor sustainable.

Once the photo shoot is over, the models revert to a normal diet and whilst their ab strength remains the same, their abs become less visible due to a light and healthy covering of body fat. Remember just because you can’t see your abs doesn’t mean that they’re not there!

Body fat is necessary for good health, and simply focusing on lowering your body fat should not be your goal. Instead, focus on healthy nutrition and correct exercises to tone up your abs and the results will follow.

It starts with a healthy eating plan where you control the amount you eat and select clean food. Cut the sugars and processed food and get the protein and veg in you often.

Alcohol will need to be reduced and swapped with H2O and stick with the rule of no tins and jars "Fresh is Best"

Get active with 20-30mins of moderate to high intensity movement. Walk/Run intervals, Team Sports, Fitness Classes or Bike Rides.  

Following that, it's time to hit the deck and prepare to work hard to get ripped:

Standard sit-up
Oblique crunch
Supported v-sit
The plank
Side plank
Back extension

When training your abdominal muscles, it is important to integrate them into an all-over body programme so that you remain in complete musculo-skeletal balance. If you simply focus on exercises to build a six-pack and nothing else, you unbalance the body which can lead to injury. For example, it is important to balance-out stomach exercises with lower back exercises.

There are numerous exercises for the abdominals but if you focus on just a few, they can easily be integrated into your usual sessions without taking up too much extra time.

The above exercises are able to to done at home on your floor with 3-5 sets of approximately 20 repetitions each exercise. If you would like to learn these exercises from a fitness professional please contact us by email info@mattgleed.com

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