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Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Running Energy

At Matt Gleed Personal Training we go for health rather than wealth approach, we enjoy what we do and stay positive by regularly following the below advice.

1) Ensure you get the right amount of calories per day.

2) Ensure your food balance is correct and made up of the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats.

3) Boost your running energy by drinking at least two litres (67.7oz) of water per day, more if you exercise.

4) Eat small meals throughout the day instead of nothing all day then a huge meal at night when you least need the energy before going to bed.

5) Boost your running energy by ensuring you get enough quality sleep every night. Preferably seven hours uninterrupted to keep your running recharged.

6) Even if you're taking a break from running, take part in at least 30 minutes of activity every day. It all adds up: walking to the shops instead of driving, cycling instead of driving or simply taking the stairs,all make a difference.

7) Avoid tea and coffee because of the caffeine which causes energy peaks and troughs.

8) Boost your running energy by avoiding cakes, biscuits and chocolate during the day as the high sugar content will cause energy peaks and troughs leaving you feeling wiped out.

9) Bread can make a lot of people feel very tired shortly after eating, so try to cut down on sandwiches and see if that makes a difference.

10) Boost your running energy by eating the recommended five portions of vegetables or fruit per day.

If you would like help to build a lifestyle together then email us and we can make things easier by helping you prioritise your day and you will find yourself more productive and having time for activities. Email info@matgleed.com to take the first step or to arrange a Sports Massage.

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