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Top 3 BBQ Spots in Bristol

While the weather is absolutely beautiful, we want to make the most of it by eating outside and doing something a little out of the ordinary for dinner! Here in Bristol there are many open, green spaces for you to set up a BBQ, relax and indulge in the greasy delights of juicy burgers and hot dogs. Take a look below at where you can have BBQ in Bristol...

Here are our top 3 best places for BBQ in Bristol however, Bristol City Council aren't huge fans on you lighting up a BBQ on the open spaces in and around Bristol.

Although if you do choose to, they ask that you follow these guidelines: 

  • Elevate BBQs (especially disposable ones) off the ground to avoid damaging the grass.
  • BBQs should not be left unattended at any time, and should be extinguished completely after use (it’s worth bringing along a large bottle of water just for this purpose).
  • Hot coals should not be placed in any of the park litter bins.
  • All litter should be removed after the BBQ.
  • Other park users should be respected, especially when it comes to the smoke and smells from your BBQ.


Brandon Hill Park

Brandon Hill Park

Location: Park Street

About: You may only have BBQ's in certain parts of Brandon Hill, view them here. You must not have the BBQ in a children's play area and the BBQ must be:

  • shop bought, not home-made
  • placed on the ground, not on park furniture
  • on legs, so the grass isn't burnt
  • watched when lit
  • cold before it's put in a rubbish bin

You must put all litter in a rubbish bin or take it home with you and open fires aren't allowed.

Price: N/A

Things to do: Other than BBQ's here, they also have a dog-free play area for under 12s, The Cabot Tower, toilets close to Cabot Tower and two outdoor exercise stations.

Address: Brandon Hill Park, Park St, Bristol, Avon BS1 5RR

The Downs

The Downs

Location: Clifton

About: They allow BBQ's on Ladies Mile, view where on this map you can have them.

Price: N/A

Things to do: You can also visit the Café Retreat here, they also offer benches and picnic areas, children’s playground on Sion Hill, six outdoor exercise stations, football pitches and changing rooms, Avon Gorge, Clifton Down Camp, an Iron Age hillfort near the Clifton Observatory, Clifton Observatory, camera obscura and cave and Roman Road on Durdham Downs.

Address: Clifton Downs, Stoke Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS9 1FG

Blaise Castle Estate

Blaise Castle Estate

Location: Lawrence Weston

About: You can have BBQ's here as long as they are raised off the ground to protect the grass.

Price: N/A

Things to do & Facilities: As well as BBQ's here, you can also go on long walks around the estate, Blaise Castle House Museum, Blaise Hamlet (National Trust property), Blaise Castle, Blaise Plant Nursery, Dairy and gardens
café, children’s play area with areas for younger and older children, toilets with baby changing facilities, benches and picnic areas, one cricket pitch, grassed space for play and sport and a lovely lily pond.

Address: Blaise Castle Estate, Kings Weston Road, Lawrence Weston, Bristol, BS10 7QS

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