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Love, Relationships, Friendships - What Makes People Happier in Bristol and All Over the World?

Everyone has a right to happiness, but we each have to decide for ourselves what brings us that joy. When faced with adversity, some people choose to turn it in their favor, while others whine about it and lose sight of everything. You should not be that kind of person; thankfully, you would not find those folks in Bristol.

According to a recent study, Bristol is among the happiest cities in the United Kingdom.

Bristol's booming creative industry, entrepreneurial drive, and easygoing mood are luring many people from all over the United Kingdom to settle there.

And that makes finding new connections and romantic relationships in the city easier. And not to mention the role online dating websites in Wales play in bringing people closer in this part of the world. In fact, online dating platforms are a big part of people's lives in Bristol, as they use them to meet new romantic partners. Being able to find new relationships is also a major reason why people in Bristol are happy in general.

Speaking of what makes people happy, families and close friendships consistently rate high on surveys. After that, you need to be able to do work that matters, keep a good outlook, and forgive. Here are some other things likely to add more happiness to your life.

Falling in Love Improves Happiness

No matter where you are in the world, falling in love will always be something special. But it is worth mentioning that experts have different views about it. They believe despite the thrills and excitement it can bring, falling in love is not the key to a fulfilled life.

One could argue that falling in love is the initial investment in fulfillment, an exciting but trying phase we must all go through before we reach the relationships that truly satisfy us. Yet, scientific research has proven that romantic love is a strong indicator of contentment.

Those who live to a ripe old age are those who, among other things, did not smoke, kept active, drank minimally, and kept their minds sharp. However, something far outweighs the rest: Stable relationships, particularly a long romantic partnership! People who report the highest levels of happiness in their relationships at age 50 tend to be the healthiest at age 80.

Whether you are in your early 30s or a mature single in your 50s, it is never too late to fall in love, and dating websites in Wales are around to make that happen.

Friendships Make People Happier

In Bristol, or anywhere else in the world, friendships will continue to be an important indicator of happiness. The quality of your friendships can significantly affect your overall health. Realize the value of friendship and learn how to foster long-lasting relationships with others.

Your health can benefit from having good pals. Companions are there to share the joy of happy times and the solace of sad ones. Having friends can help you avoid feeling lonely, and it also gives you the opportunity to be there for others when they need you. And yet again, you can use dating sites even if you are only looking for some flirting or interesting new friends.

Meaningful Work Improves Self-Worth and Happiness

People in Bristol score high on the happiness index because they understand the importance of keeping busy. Activities in which we forget about ourselves and the world around us tend to bring us the most joy. This is what psychologists refer to as a "flow" state.

Attaining flow is possible in a wide variety of activities, from composing music, gardening, and playing with children to practicing a sport, writing, and immersing oneself in a spreadsheet. When you are in the zone, you are doing what you do best without thinking about it.

As defined by specialists, self-actualization refers to the intrinsic drive embedded in every person to realize their full potential. That is why it is so rewarding to put our talents to good use and grow as individuals. Self-actualization reaches its pinnacle when we overcome adversity and accomplish something we are proud of.

Positive Thinking Makes You Happy

Do not judge yourself by the standards of others. Stop wishing you had more space and start appreciating the home you have. You should compare down rather than up if you must. And that is probably another secret why Bristol is among the happiest cities in the UK.

Always learn to look at the positive sides of things. If your boyfriend is constantly working late, for instance, try not to punish yourself by convincing yourself that he does not care about you because he is too busy.


While so many things play a role in making you feel happy, love and relationships will always top the chart. Thankfully, dating sites in Bristol have created so many opportunities for you to find love on the go. Not only can you meet new people, but you can also even find like-minded singles to enjoy serious, long-term relationships. Just pick the best dating platform in Bristol, and your happiness rating will surely go up!

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