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What to do during Self-Isolation: Coronavirus

Many are confused what self-isolating means and the outcomes of it, so we thought we would put together a small guide into self-isolation and what you can do during this because it isn't all that bad.

Why self-isolate?

Coronavirus causes mild symptoms in four out of five people. Self-isolation can help protect older people, those with compromised immune systems or those with underlying health conditions from becoming infected so self-isolating yourself for a minimum of 7 days will make sure you’re clear from the virus before being in contact with people again.

Make sure you have enough essential items?

Many of us are probably mortified at the little stock left in shops because people are stocking up on household essentials in not knowing when everywhere will go into lockdown. When you make a trip to the shops before going into self-isolation or ordering online and getting it delivered, make sure to stock up on soaps and handwashes, long expiry date foods like pasta and canned goods, toilet rolls or tissues, first aid kits including thermometers and pain relievers like paracetamol and ibuprofen.

What can you do in self isolation?

Home fitness

Going to the gym during self-solation is a no go, so how about making your own fitness routine to do from home.

  • Maybe put fitness DVD’s on the TV or games like the Wii Fit making it a fun way to workout instead.
  • Devise a fitness plan, things like squats, crunches, plank, burpees etc. for certain amounts of time.
  • Download any fitness apps that may have daily updates on what workouts to be doing, the right foods to eat and how much weight you could be losing or gaining.


Take the time to start reading if you never have the time to because of work and other commitments. The good thing about reading as well is the book pulls you in so much and takes your mind somewhere else, meaning you will have your mind completely taken off the fact you may be in self-isolation.


Netflix is a brilliant way to take your mind off the fact you may self-isolating, with thousands of series, tv shows and movies to binge watch for days you will not be bored. If you don’t have it, we recommend getting it as it may be a life saver. There are many great series out on Netflix at the moment no matter what like Lock & Key, Peaky Blinders, The Stranger, Love is Blind, Messiah, The Witcher, Unbelievable, The spy, Orange is the new black, Stranger Things and plenty more!

Cleaning the house out

Take this opportunity while self-isolating to clean your house out of any rubbish, clothes or general things you may not need or use anymore because we assure you this probably hasn’t been done in a while and all this free time to do so you may as well have a huge spring clean just in time for the season around the corner. Have a cleanse of any old bits that you don’t need any more and make your home feel a lot cleaner and decluttered.


Self-isolation will get boring, so to take your mind off it, organise your life a little bit! Make weekly meal plans, weekly chore charts, daily jobs, organise shoe and clothes cupboards making them easier to find bits in, sort kitchen drawers out and organise them, throw out any rubbish along the way and make sure everything is organised because we assure this will take a little while.


Take this chance to start redecorating a room you may have wanted to start ages ago but never got around to doing it. If you have the paint and may need to order any other bits and pieces to get delivered, then you can get on with this while being trapped away for a week!

Getting work done

We know with the stresses of life and work, we can’t always juggle it all, so we are all guilty of leaving work to do or assignments that need to be done. So while self-isolating get ahead of that college course by reading early or get ahead of that university degree by self-reading and getting all those projects completed beforehand or even if it’s just general work you keep putting off, the time is now to get it all done!

Online shopping

We’re all guilty of spending hours looking at clothes, home wear and just general bits online, so how about doing a bit of it while self-isolating you won’t even notice the difference and you’ll get it all delivered making it less hassle for yourself!

Join online businesses

Perhaps take on a new business venture in this time and work online for different companies in selling things like weight loss products or perfumes around the world. This way you could get paid a little extra for being at home and working alongside.

How to self-isolate and keep the kids entertained?

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Building dens
  • Baking
  • Colouring in
  • TV Shows
  • Playing pretend games

For further informations and updates for the Coronavirus, click here.

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