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Which birthday gift is best for children?

As your children get another year older and wiser, it can be difficult knowing what to buy if you’re looking to add some ‘wow-factor’ on their birthday. Whether your little ones are sports fanatics, animal lovers, gaming whizzes or anything in between, some gifts simply never go out of style.

If you’d like a helping hand choosing the perfect gift, read on for our top pics of 2022.

Tried-and-tested gift ideas

1. Lego

First on the list is Lego. A firm favourite with boys, girls and parents, Lego is a great gift if you’re looking for something that’s fun but also educational.

As well as providing hours of endless fun, there’s more to it than a fun pastime. As Lego is so engaging, it’s touted as a great way to improve concentration and focus. As there’s an end goal in mind, Lego encourages children to sit down and concentrate for long periods of time to reap the rewards.

As a parent, why not join in too? That way, you can forget about the stresses of the adult world and use the time for some special bonding time with your little ones!

If that wasn’t enough, Lego is also thought to encourage lateral thinking, inspire experimentation, improve spatial awareness and help children develop fine motor skills.

2. A football club membership

If the lucky recipient is a football fan, then there aren’t many birthday gifts that’ll beat a football club membership?

As well as being a fun pastime, playing football can help children develop their social skills, allowing your offspring to develop into well-rounded adults that get along with other people and work well as a team. Playing sport also helps children to express their emotions and boost confidence, so its importance isn’t to be understated! What’s more, according to the NHS, children should be getting at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. By gifting a football club membership, you’re also encouraging your children to get up and moving.

3. Consider getting a furry companion

If you and your children love pets, have you considered adopting an animal from a shelter? In the UK, there are huge numbers of lockdown pets being surrendered to shelters as families find themselves unable to cope. If you’re an animal lover and can meet the needs of the animal, then giving a pet a loving home can be excellent for the whole family.

As well as providing companionship, pets help children learn all about responsibility and can even provide an outlet for stress.

Whether you go for a cat, dog or anything in between, you’re sure to put a smile on their face when they find out you’re expanding the family!

Final thoughts…

And there you have it! If you’re struggling to find the ideal gift, you can’t go far wrong with any of the above suggestions.

Which one will you choose?

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