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Tonight Josephine Instagrammable Interiors

Tonight Josephine Opens on Baldwin Street

Following the success of its London flagships and new Cardiff bar, Tonight Josephine opens its sixth site in Bristol this September.

Expected to launch on Friday 30th September 2022, Tonight Josephine is a sassy late night cocktail bar where the drinks are strong, and the vibes are immaculate. Tonight Josephine, named after Empress Josephine Bonaparte, takes inspiration from the heroine’s wild travels across America. The venue is extravagant, full of ‘instragrammable’ interiors and ready to welcome the fearless and fabulous women of Bristol.

Tonight Josephine will be situated at 28 Baldwin Street, a bustling street that’s already well known to the party goers of Bristol with the likes of Pop World and Revolutions, just around the corner. This venue offers a mighty underground haven for revellers to let their hair down, with a capacity of up to 320 guests.

Tonight Josephine will showcase a lavish cocktail menu and wild events throughout the year, with its Dabbers and Drag Bingo Afternoon Tea and Harry Styles themed brunches sure to become a staple for the Bristol party scene.

The venue boasts an extensive list of cocktails, including its signature cocktail, The Razzle Dazzle, a mix of Passoa, Vodka and Archers with a blend of Pineapple and Peach. A fruity concoction topped with Josephine’s iconic glitter lips.

Tonight Josephine also runs a Happy Hour offer running Friday and Saturday afternoons. Perfect for those who want to get the party started early.

Founder of Tonight Josephine, Tom Kidd says “With the success of our London and Cardiff bars, we are thrilled to be bringing Tonight Josephine to Bristol. Bristol is such a vibrant city with an array of powerful females; we feel Tonight Josephine is the perfect place to celebrate them.

Ahead of opening the doors, we have some exciting events planned. We hope Bristol is ready for what we have in store!

Tonight Josephine is currently operating across 3 London venues and 1 Cardiff venue as part of Adventure Bar Venues. Investors Nightcap now has four sites across three of its brands in Bristol. This included The Cocktail Club on Corn Street and The Triangle and Blame Gloria on Small Street.

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