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How to Keep the Kids Entertained During Self-Isolation

If the thought of being quarantined with your children for days—or weeks—on end sends you into a panic spiral, rest assured you're not alone. Many parents are freaking out at the thought of not being able to entertain the kids for that long in such small proximity. But rest assured we have 10 ways to keep your kids amused in the event of a quarantine.

1. Baking

 How about testing their culinary skills by letting them create a few of their own bakes like classic cupcakes and cookies or going a little bit out there with making their own pizza! This not only entertains them for the whole day but teaches them at the same time with maths skills like measuring and timing!

2. Arts & Crafts

Never underestimate the power of pens or paints to keep a child busy for a long stretch of time. Supplying your kids with a selection of fresh new art supplies can spark creativity and have them amused for hours on end! You could also give them things like playdough or slime and set out an old mat on the floor or table and let them loose. Another option, which is a cheap yet brilliant way to keep them entertained, is to give them an old cardboard box from any packaging and let them create whatever comes into their mind e.g. spaceship, shop, den etc.

3. Boardgames

Most homes will have a board game or maybe even a jigsaw puzzle hiding in a top cupboard, so now is a good time to grab it, wipe off the dust and indulge in some old-fashioned family bonding. Not a fan of boardgame, how about testing your little one’s patience and keeping them quiet with a puzzle which is also a great way of developing their problem-solving skills!

4. Building a den

Building a den is a perfect way to keep the kids happy for a few hours, all you need is a few pillows, blankets, chairs and whatever else they wish to add, and it creates hours of fun! To make them last a little longer you could add a tablet or place the den over a TV for them to watch a movie in, add a few snacks and make it feel like a mini cinema!

5. Movie marathon

TV time is not always a bad idea just not an overwhelming amount of it. Try a subscription to the amazing Disney plus. This allows them to watch endless Disney movies and TV shows or you could subscribe to Netflix which isn’t just for the kids but for the adults too where you get all genres of movies, TV shows, box sets and much more!

6. Reading

Due to the schools being shut now for the foreseeable future, getting educational books out of the cupboard for the kids to carry on their studies. Don’t make it like school, make them a little more fun and relaxed and we assure you they will love learning without even knowing it!

7. Costumes

We are sure all kids have that box of dressing up costumes. So, put them to use at this testing time and give them a specific game to play or let their imagination spiral. They could even play pretend games without needing costumes like teachers, princesses, shops etc.

8. Scavenger hunt

Set up a scavenger or treasure hunt around the house with little prizes like sweets or small toys. This will keep the kids entertained for hours no matter their age! You can change how hard it may be depending on their age and set up little tasks for them to complete like chores or jobs so that things get done while allowing them to enjoy theirselves.

9. Building toys

There’s never enough time when you are into everyday life after Christmas or birthdays to complete those toys you’ve been given that need building. So now is the perfect time to do so. Toys that kids can use to build structures usually provide quite a few hours of fun. While it may seem like these are just fun toys to pass the time, they're teaching kids important lessons about engineering.

10. Tablet Games

I know it’s not always the best thing for parents to turn to the use of tablets or phones when needing to keep the kids entertained and quiet for a few hours, but it can be educational! Download a few educational yet fun games on the tablets or phones for the kids to play and it allows them to learn while entertaining them!


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