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How to deal with Coronavirus Anxiety

If the coronavirus outbreak has got you checking the news and social media more often than usual or asking yourself whether it’s time to stock up on food or medications or even preparing to work from home – then don’t worry, you’re not alone!

It has the whole world on edge, so we have come up with 8 practical steps to keep your coronavirus-related anxiety under control and to stay positive and optimistic.

1. Don’t Panic, be alert!

Remember panicking can spread faster than the virus itself! The disease causes no symptoms or is only mild in 81% of the cases and most infected people do get cured. Avoid exposure through frequent hand-washing and social distancing.

2. Stay Home

Self-isolation seems brutal when you aren’t sick, but in the long run it really is for the greater good by giving the virus less chance of spreading the less people there are around. If you can work from home, then please do so! Keep you body healthy as possible by eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep! Take a look at our guide to self-isolation.

3. The Elderly need extra protection

Keep in mind that the virus doesn’t just kill the old and sick. But people with weaker immune systems than others, which includes elders and they need extra protection. Check in regularly with those affected and help them with their coronavirus anxiety.

4. Limit news intake

A lot of the news going out is either not fully backed up with facts or just isn’t true and we are all guilty of believing everything we see especially at a time like this! There’s a thin line between being aware and living in constant fear and anxiety. You don’t need to be constantly seeking information. Get the facts, not the rumours and listen to public health experts and the government who can help navigate a path ahead.

5. Stay in Touch with people

Find ways to talk about how you feel with others and don’t lose contact just because of the virus. There are may ways to stay in touch via phone calls, video chats, texting, emails etc. Reaching out can help you as well as them.

6. Reach out for help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to a health worker or counsellor that can help you deal with coronavirus anxiety. Have a plan of action for where to go and how to seek help for physical and mental health needs if required.

7. Science is on it globally

We are so lucky in this day in age as science technologies are so well developed and spread internationally. There are preliminary works on vaccines, treatments, epidemiology, Diagnosis, clinical aspects etc. We have never been better and more prepared to fight a huge pandemic like this. Have faith in Science!

8. Work together not against each other

The biggest part of this is keeping yourself healthy by eating well and not drastically changing your lifestyle because we are all going through the same, some are dealing with it differently to others, but we will get through this together!

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