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DIY Hair Tips During Covid-19 Lockdown

We’re about to see everyone’s true colours…Literally! With most hair salons being shut for nearly 3 months, we’re all freaking out about our hair! With this lockdown, many men and women are forced to take matters into their own hands when it comes to refreshing their looks! Here are a few DIY hair tips to try during this pandemic:


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Root Touch Ups

Root Touch Ups

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are familiar with touching up a few grey roots, then here is an easy and cheap trick to doing so without a professional at hand.

1. Either get your hands on some eyeshadow matching your hair colour (usually works better with darker hair colours) and streaking it through your roots where the grey or natural colour may be showing!

2. You could also order or next time you go food shopping pick up a bottle of L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch spray. This is a spray matching your hair colour to cover up those sneaky roots that may be showing.

You just apply into your hairline and make sure to not get it on your scalp as it gives it away!

How to DIY trim your hair

How to DIY trim your hair

Ladies – Worried about split ends and wanting to make your hair that little bit healthier but don’t know when you can go the hairdressers next?

1. First of all, wash your hair normally, comb it through and part your hair down the centre.

2. Then, push the lengths of it equally over both shoulders.

3. After that, pull the length of the hair on one side straight between two fingers with good tension, making sure you don’t pull it to an angle, and snip with the point of the scissors into the ends.

4. Then do the other side and get somebody to check they’re even and match.

Men – Men’s hair is a little easier to trim than a women’s as you its visibly shorted and you can trim with scissors or electric clippers.

1. Start off by cutting the sides, making sure you or someone else is cutting you’re the hair against the direction of your hair growth, starting from the bottom and moving upwards.

2. Then, moving towards the back of your head, cut the hair by moving the clippers upwards cutting the lower part slightly shorter.

3. After that, try a skin fade by cutting to a point to create a line to fade into.

4. Then you’ll smoothen out the visible line and make it disappear.

5. Then to blend the two lengths of hair, you’ll need to carefully drag the clippers over the line that separate the two lengths in an upward motion.

6. Finally, trimming the top, part the hair into two sections and cut each piece in a straight line.

How to cut your fringe

How to cut your fringe

Avoid trying to cut your fringe with nail scissors, kitchen scissors or anything with a dull blade as this can really damage the ends of the hair, cause a lop sided look or leaving it with a blunt cut that may not match the rest of the hairs style.

However, if you’re desperate to take some weight out of the fringe, make sure you hold the scissors vertically and snip into the ends and avoid cutting across the fringe!

Get an at-home colour fix

Get an at-home colour fix

We are currently 3 weeks away from seeing people’s true hair colours! Here are a few box dyes that should keep you going until you next see a hairdresser:

1. Clairol Natural Instincts

About - Clairol Natural Instincts, you can put all of your boxed dye fears at ease. The formula is ammonia-free and boasts a blend of coconut oil, aloe, and vitamins to condition the hair. The result is hair that looks radiant with enhanced color and shine. As for timing, 10 minutes is all it takes for it to work its magic, leaving you with colour that will last for 28 washes, covering grays and roots.

Price - Around £6

2. Shwarzkopf Keratin Colour Permanent Hair Colour

About - You don't have to risk the health and integrity of your hair to cover up greys. This cutting-edge formula features a unique anti-breakage technology that repairs the hair's inner structure. The results are amazing with rich, intense color and less breakage.

Price - Around £10

3. John Frieda Precision Foam Colour 

About - This kit makes ?at-home coloring a cinch and the unique foam formula simplifies precision color application, so you can deposit color exactly where you want it. The even saturation includes 100% gray coverage and leaves you with vibrant color. And with just 30 minutes of processing time, you'll have time to do some of those jobs that need to get done!

Price - Around £10

4. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Colour Creme

About - This little box does it all: You can cover grays, lighten dark roots, or just get a new hue altogether. The permanent formula goes easy on locks and nourishes with grape seed, shea?, and avocado oil, which penetrate deep into the hair. 

Price - Around £6

5. Clairol Nice 'n Easy

About - When you have dark raven hair, covering grays can be challenging. Luckily, this formula is up to the task. Boasting 100% grey coverage, it makes it look natural with a range of luminous tones and highlights. It conditions along the way, leaving hair shinier and softer than when you started.

Price - Around £6

6. L'Oreal Superior Preference Glam Lights

About - This kit makes it much more doable to do on your own by breaking the process down into two steps. First, fill the highlighting brush with the formula. Next, brush it through your hair from root to tip wherever you want to deposit color. The brush is designed to blend the highlights easily, while the formula leaves strands glossy. And the process is quick, too.

Price - Around £7

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