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Men's Skin Care

Forget about fandangled products and new age treatments, your basic skin care routine should be as simple as brushing your teeth!

Many factors including shaving, sun exposure and your diet, can all impact on the condition and general appearance of your skin.

Typically men's skin tends to be drier and more problematic than women’s, so special precautions must be taken to ensure a healthy, care-free complexion.

Although shaving is an essential part men's grooming regimes, regularly shaving dehydrates the skin, leaving it sensitive, red and irritable. Drinking plenty of water and using a moisturiser specifically aimed at men will help to combat this, whilst also giving you a soft, smooth finish.

Also, because men sweat a lot more than women they're prone to large pores and oily skin - Once again a toner developed specifically just for men will alleviate this condition.

As cliché as it sounds, healthy skin really does start from the inside out. Excess alcohol, smoking and too much junk food, will produce free radicals and cause face lines, wrinkles and other unslightly skin dilemmas. A healthy lifestyle will enable your body to fend off inflammation and other major culprits of skin ageing.

Below we run down what your morning skin care regime should look like:

Freshen Up

First things first, clean your face with a light gel or foaming cleanser. When washing your face never use a bar of soap, this will only dry and tighten your skin. Wet your face, lather, and rinse with warm water. To avoid drying out your skin always make sure that that water you're using isn't too hot. 

Tone Up

Toner is often the product that guys neglect from their grooming regime. Not only will it remove the excess oil that causes ‘shine’ but it will also help to prevent pores from becoming clogged with dirt and grime. Refresh your complexion daily by applying toner to a cotton pad and giving your face the once over - this will help your skin absorb moisturiser better too.


It's important that you use a hydrating moisturiser for the dry spots of your face and an oil-free moisturiser for the greasy places. If your skin is even all over, stick with a light hydrating moisturiser.


Twice a week, exfoliate and resurface skin by removing dead skin cells with a gentle face scrub. You'll be ditching the dead skin cells to expose the healthy skin below. In addition, exfoliation deep cleans pores and helps reduce ingrown hairs. It produces clearer skin and allows you to get a closer shave.

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